2 Reasons Your Marketing Isn’t Working

There are a lot of things you can do to improve your marketing, make it more attractive looking and reach more people without breaking the bank. However, here are 2 reasons your marketing isn’t working right now and that no increase in spending or finding better real estate investing deals will improve until you fix them.

1. Selling The Features Not The Benefits

This can apply to both wholesaling and flipping houses to end retail buyers. You can send out emails with all the property details and how nice it is but investors you are flipping your properties are not going live there. What is acquiring this property going to do for their portfolio or bank account? Selling the benefits is even more crucial when dealing with retail buyers. Everyone knows that properties are cheap today, so how are your real estate investing deals different? Price is no longer the major deciding factor for home buyers. Will the payment fit their paychecks? What will this home do for them? Will it bring their families closer together, re-ignite their romantic lives or keep their children safer than the next home?

2. No Sense Of Urgency

Maybe you have a ton of content on your real estate investing website. Maybe it even looks fantastic. Perhaps you have the biggest discounts on homes in the area. You could even have the best looking homes which have been remodeled way above what you needed to do. Though why should you real estate investing prospects buy it right now? Why do they have to pick up the phone or send you an email right this minute and make an offer? If you don’t catch them now you probably never will, which means ballooning marketing expenses and longer hold times. Is this property going to be sold to the highest bidder today? Is this the only chance they have to get a deal like this? Or can they just wait a few more weeks and pick another one, if they are more motivated then?

Don’t make these changes to your real estate investing marketing if you don’t feel like it or you are too busy dreaming about where you are going to celebrate the New Year but someone else will. Another real estate investing company marketing to your same prospects will hit on exactly what is most important to them and command that they act immediately and they will.

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