3 Keys To Killer Direct Mail Campaigns

An effective real estate education course will teach you that every type of marketing has it’s good times and bad, just like any business cycle. For real estate investing, right now is an excellent time for direct mail!

Prices of lead lists are down, technology has improved and open rates are higher than ever. A few years ago every one’s mail box was full of real estate postcards and letters from real estate agents, but now that has all changed. Direct mail for real estate investing is seeing incredible returns for those who are using it. At the height of the recent boom you would be lucky to have gotten a 0.5-2% open rate for the pieces you sent out. Now according to top real estate education gurus and the leading direct marketing firms, well put together direct mail pieces for loan modification and real estate investing are seeing open rates as high as 7-9%.

So what are the keys to creating killer direct mail campaigns for real estate investing? The first golden key to making any direct mail campaign work is having the right mailing list. Great real estate education courses will tell you that having a targeted list makes all the difference between your campaign being top or flop. The more specific and targeted you are with your list the higher the response rate will be and the easier it will be to do business with those that contact you.

It almost goes without saying that having a great mail piece is key to making your real estate investing mail campaigns successful. That does not mean it has to be full color and flashy, but it should be wisely package to get it opened and the content must flow right to be conducive to having prospects call you. If you do not feel that you are that great at putting pen to paper don’t worry. You can easily outsource the writing of your mail piece to a professional writer very inexpensively.

However the most important key to any direct mail for real estate investing is testing. You may be making millions flipping houses after taking a great real estate education course, however that doesn’t mean that you want to throw away money on your direct mail. Start by split testing different pieces and different lists to hone your direct mail campaign into a smooth money making machine that fuels your real estate investing to new highs. This can be done by using different names or extension numbers on your pieces however it is most efficiently done by using toll free numbers. Toll free numbers offer real time online tracking so that you can see exactly how many calls you are getting and where they are coming from as well as being able to capture numbers of calls you missed so you can follow up.

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