4 Tips Investors Should Take From Athletes

It is common for real estate investors to find themselves hitting plateaus in their deal volume or in their incomes. If you think you could be having trouble breaking through to the next level and joining the top performers in the industry, keep reading.

Whether you are stuck at 10 or 20 deals a month, or can’t seem to break through that $3 million a year mark, these plateaus aren’t any different than what many professional athletes and bodybuilders face in their training.

So what real estate education lessons can be taken from their coaching and applied to your investing business?

1. Changing it up

Even amateur fitness fans are aware that if they keep doing what they’ve always done they’ll just continue to get the same results (or often inferior results). To spur growth and keep their workouts interesting they have to innovate, change it up and look for education on advanced exercises and supplements or coaching.

2. Rest days

Professional and even serious amateur athletes understand that taking regular rest days are just as important to seeing increased results and maintaining drive as are the hardest days of sweating it out. In fact, most athletes take one to two rest days per week. As a real estate investor, it is important to take this time to recharge, build inspiration and come up with creative ideas.

3. Fuel

A leading fitness magazine put it well when stating, “no amount of hard work can defeat a poor diet”. The same goes for investing in real estate full time. You can work yourself to death, but you will never see the results you want if you fuel yourself with junk information. Pro bodybuilders take their research seriously and fuel before and after workouts. They look for proven systems and science and are wary of blind experimentation and its potentially disastrous results. So if you want to hit the next level with your income and investment business, fuel yourself with high quality real estate education regularly and take advantage of the proven systems available to you.

4. Motivation

Staying driven enough to keep you going in real estate investing requires the right motivation. Just like hitting the gym because you made a New Year’s resolution to do so, or because you want to look good for a vacation, that motivation will soon wear off. Contrast this by finding long term motivation. True athletes make working out a full-time, daily commitment, and do it because of the great feeling and security it gives them. Well, the same goes for the best (and highest earning) real estate investors.

You can have it all; with the right real estate education, wise investments, and commitment.

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Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies