4 Types of Content Real Estate Investors Need to Be Using

Video, mobile search, direct mail and email are all types of marketing which continues to be hot for those in real estate investing in 2012 but these 4 must have forms of content marketing cannot be ignored…

1. Blogging
You are reading this blog post right? So, blogging does work. For some the powerful results of having a real estate investing blog come quickly. For others it can take a little time and tweaking. Each blog post is a great investment which can keep on working for you for years. Do it daily. Learn more ways to increase the traffic to your blog.

2. Social
Yes, yes, you have already been told you need to be using social media a thousand times. It’s true. You might not get it, you may not like it or use it yourself but if you want your real estate investing business to be successful, prosper, reach its full potential and do so with the least effort and investment then social cannot be ignored. Hire someone to handle it for you and at least get on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

3. Article Marketing
It’s surprising to see so few real estate investing newbies and pros fail to utilize article marketing for their businesses. Again, for some the results flood in, for others it can be more of a marathon than a sprint but the same applies as to blogging. Each article that goes on the web keeps on working to boost your website’s rankings on the search engines, builds your level of perceived expertise, protects your online reputation and can generate leads month after month.

4. Press Releases
Ever jealous that one of your competitors gets into the local news or a real estate agent who you know isn’t really doing much business or isn’t even very good gets featured in the homes section of your paper? It isn’t luck. They are probably using press releases to promote themselves to the media. It works for the web too. So if you want to see your own face showing up on Yahoo News when you log on in the morning or when you pick up the paper start creating your own press releases about what your real estate investing business is doing and create your own buzz.

Using how to combine these forms of content marketing with your website and email campaigns can compound your results and take your real estate investing business to the next level a lot faster…

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Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies