Real Estate Deals Online
Training Series with Than Merrill

Week 1: Researching and Evaluating Deals & Performing Desktop Appraisals

In this training, I am going to show you how to research properties utilizing various online tools like the Multiple Listing Services, Online Tax Assessor Records, and various online websites. I will be walking you through exactly what I do to gather insider information about properties, agents, and sellers situations.

I will use actual properties we have recently sold as case studies as I teach you how to find great deals and the information needed to evaluate the deal properly. I will show you exactly what steps to take to conduct this research quickly and efficiently from your computer at home.

I will focus on the business process I use so you don’t waste time evaluating properties that have little to no potential of being a deal. My acquisition team and I make over 2,000 offers a year utilizing the process you will learn. I will walk you through the details of how this is accomplished and how I train my internal team members in my actual real estate office.

Week 2: Appraising Properties in the Field & How to Determine The After Repair Value of a Property Accurately

In week two Than Merrill is going to be out in the field at properties teaching you exactly what he looks for when he is appraising the after repair value potential of a property.

A lot of investors have never taken a real estate appraisal class and many have never learned the proper process for appraising the after repair value. As a result it is common for investors to either overpay for a property or be overly conservative when making their offers. As you know both can be detrimental to your long-term success as a real estate investor.

During this class Than will walk you through the three ways appraisers determine value and what method you will choose to use depending on what type of property you are appraising. He will also show you exactly how appraisers actually make adjustments for the wide variety of differences between properties that you are analyzing.

Once again Than will be teaching you the exact business process he uses to be able to accurately determine the true after repair value of a property quickly and efficiently. To enhance the learning experience he will be utilizing actual properties he has recently flipped as case studies to learn from. No matter how experienced you are at analyzing deals you will get a lot of value from this class.

Download the CT Homes Comparable Sales Adjustment Grid

Estimating Repairs on a Property: Case Study

Section Time
General Conditions 00:48
Demolition 00:56
Roofing 01:16
Landscaping 02:16
Painting – Exterior 03:55
Painting – Interior 05:42
Concrete/Flatwork 09:34
Misc. Exterior Improvements – Pool & Fence 10:25
Framing/Drywall 14:29
Carpet 18:47
Hardwood Flooring 19:25
Tiling 19:38
Kitchens 20:07
Baths 22:38
Plumbing 24:11
HVAC 25:07
Electrical 26:28
Doors and Trim 28:01
Furnishings/Staging 29:25

Week 3: Accurately Estimating Repairs & How To Determine What You Should Offer

On the webinar you will learn how to accurately estimate the repair cost on a property. Than will be utilizing a property he recently sold as a case study so you can get a really good understanding of how to do this. This is a topic that is almost impossible to learn from simply reading a book and why this webinar will be so valuable.

You will also learn how to determine the potential profit on a deal and how to run numbers through a deal calculator in order to determine your opening offer.

Week 4: Top Strategies for Finding Deals

In our final week together, I will round out the coaching series by showing you a few of my favorite marketing strategies for finding below market value real estate deals. Drawing on examples from my book, I will walk you through some of my most successful marketing campaigns that we have utilized over the past decade to find below market value real estate deals.

As you know, the investor who has the most consistent marketing systems to find motivated sellers and quality deals is the one who is always the most successful.