40 Million Strong Pool of Home Buyers to be Tapped

There is a 40 million plus strong pool of home buyers waiting for you to flip houses to them, do you know where they are?

20 Million Living at Home

According to the Census Bureau the number of 26 year olds living back at home has jumped almost 50% in the last 5 years. There are now almost 21 million 18 to 30 year olds living at home and they won’t want to stay there forever. Despite is being economical living with mom and dad definitely cramps your style and they need to buy homes. That’s 2-4-1 marketing because you can market to the parents and kids simultaneously.

28 Million Real Estate Investors

Recent stats claim over 28 million real estate investors in the U.S. market. The good news is most of them aren’t experts at flipping houses. In fact most desperately need wholesale properties to fuel their investing. Serve them up.

Millions More in the Pipeline

Forget foreclosures, short sales and REOs for a moment. If you control the buyers you control where the money goes. There are millions more who are going to need to relocate for work, downsize and new home buyers coming on the market for the first time over the next couple of years and they all need someone like you to help them.

If there is still any softness in your local real estate market, don’t worry. People have a big short term memory loss problem and when the economy picks up and they are feeling richer the herd mentality will have them buying homes by the dozen again and swearing the rapid appreciation will never end (again).

This is the time to hone your branding and marketing and to position yourself to receive a windfall in real estate investment profits. How can you begin building these lists today for tomorrow? Perhaps expanding social networks of exiting college students, online magazines with financial advice for aging boomers or must have lists for the new money crowd?

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