5 Ways To Drive More Interaction On The Web

by Chris Musial

Every owner of a real estate investing business who is marketing on the web has been told that they need more engagement and more interaction for better results but how are you supposed to accomplish this?

1. Social Media

Social media is perhaps the easiest platform for real estate investing businesses to use for gaining more interaction on the web. Whether you favor Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn it is easy to ask questions and get immediate responses which can easily net a wider range of prospects into the conversation. However, social media shouldn’t be your only channel for driving engagement.

2. Blog Posts

Blogs posts are all to often overlooked as effective interaction generators. With all the effort that goes into them and driving traffic to them, they should be one of the first tools real estate investing companies should be using. Of course your blogs should be valuable but there is no reason why they can’t spike conversations and feedback. That is what blog commenting is all about, not spamming.

3. Email

This might seem like an odd channel for businesses to seek interaction through at first but when it comes to real estate investing many business owners prefer using email and make a majority of their communications through it. Plus consider that many prospects may far prefer to give feedback through email which seems more personal and private. Though there is no reason that you can’t use this input and information publicly to create more ownership amongst your contacts.

4. Video Competitions

You have no doubt seen plenty of other brands running video competitions and encouraging consumers to upload their own clips, so why aren’t you doing it for you real estate investing business? It’s free content, it creates loyalty and sharing and definitely adds a much more interesting aspect to many business websites and social media profiles. Work out your conversion ratios and figure out what incentives you can offer to attract more videos. It could be one of your best performing marketing channels.

5. Widgets

If you are really serious about getting your traffic more engaged then consider developing a few widgets or implementing new search tools which get visitors actively interacting on your site and blog.

Have your own success stories for creating more engagement on your real estate investing web assets? Why not share them here or tell us what is holding you back?

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Real Estate Investing Strategies
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