6 Reasons Investors Looked To Turnkey Investing In 2013

Why did so many real estate investors move to turnkey property investing in 2013?

Turnkey property investing really matured and picked up traction in the U.S. this year. There are many reasons for this. It is now the preferred method of investing for many of the overseas buyers investing in America, profits are easy to realize with current market conditions and it is relatively easy.

However, there are some specific reasons why many savvy investors made the transition from other strategies. Let’s take a look at the top 6:

1. Wealth Preservation

Over the last several years, wealth preservation has been one of the top concerns and priorities of investors. Few places or vehicles have offered the safety and value that U.S. residential housing has. With the clouds of uncertainty finally cleared and confidence buoyant, 2o13 was the year many pulled the trigger to invest in America and ramp up their portfolios.

2. Passive Income

Wealth preservation is great, but without growth and income, it is at risk of becoming devalued by inflation. Many have also seen their incomes hammered from many angles. They find themselves needing to make it up in the real estate industry. This is also a great way to prepare for retirement, as very little work is required to run a successful passive income campaign.

3. Freedom

Turnkey real estate investing doesn’t just offer ‘passive income’. It offers truly hands-free passive income with all of the benefits of direct real estate investment. This not only provides more peace of mind for investors, but real freedom too. This means a level of freedom to take off on world travels, experiment with mini retirements, engage in charitable ventures and spend more time with family.

4. Leveraging Professionals at Every Step

Turnkey property investing also means leveraging the best professionals at every step in the process. Investors may be experts in one or two areas, or in one or two markets, but it takes years of hands on experience to become a pro. Turnkey investors should get the best local experts in every step of the process working for them; often for a fraction of others end up forking out when they do it separately. This can be valuable when it comes to rehabbing and securing tenants.

5. Increased Total Returns

By improving efficiency, effectiveness and ROI at each step in the process, the results can add up quickly and deliver a startlingly pleasant bump in cash flow.

6. Ability to Invest In the Best Markets

Turnkey property investing makes it a breeze for investors to invest in the best markets around the country. This compounds both short and long term gains, cash flow and total returns.

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Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies