7 Tips for Highly Effective Press Release Marketing

Press releases continue to prove to be one of the most powerful content marketing tools for real estate investing but do you really know how to get the most out of them?

Press releases aren’t just for vanity or smothering out the competition’s voices, the can be highly effective marketing tools for increasing visibility, influencing consumer trends, boosting Google rankings and driving in real estate leads.

7 tips for getting the best results from your press releases…

1. Clarify Your Goals

What is it that you want your next press release to accomplish for you specifically? Use this as your guide for putting it together.

2. Use the Best Online Distribution Networks

There are free options for submitting your press releases online but if you want ot hit the news and generate the maximum SEO and traffic benefits it’s worth investing in good distribution. Think PR.com, PRWeb, Businesswire or PRNewswire.

3. Get Writing Help

As the owner of a real estate investing business your strongest talents may not be copywriting. Even if they were your time may be better put to use elsewhere, while you hire an experienced press release writer to handle this for you. Just don’t bog them down with tedious submission, a cheaper VA can do that for you.

4. Keyword Selection

Before drafting releases revisit your keywords and select the best ones of the moment which best target your ideal prospects and deliver the highest converting traffic for maximum ROI.

5. Back Links

Don’t miss out on your back links for directing traffic your way and improving SEO. However, keep in mind that since the Google Penguin update was unleashed you need to keep an eye on the diversity of bank link sources, link text and where you are linking too.

6. Mix up the Media

If your distribution channel allows video and images to be included along with your releases then do it. It will only help search engine optimization and engage more prospects in the medium which most appeals to them.

7. Demand Action

Just because these aren’t supposed to be written as blatant sales pieces it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t place firm calls to action at the end of press releases. Readers should be called to call your real estate investing business, email for more information and visit websites, blogs or social profiles for more details.

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Real Estate Investing Strategies
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