Our Experts and Coaches

Alex And Kathy Schuck

Alex and Kathy started investing in real estate in 2009 when they purchased their first property to rehab. They invest in single family houses in Essex and Middlesex counties in Massachusetts (north and west of Boston). They created their business, North Shore Real Estate Solutions, LLC in 2010 and have been in the business of buying, renovating, and selling rehabbed properties ever since. Alex and Kathy joined FortuneBuilders as students in 2010 when they wanted to take their business to a new level by increasing the volume of deals. They became Coaches in 2012. Alex holds a BS degree from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Communications. Prior to working in real estate investing, Alex was an Advertising Salesperson at several media/communications companies such as a local radio station, a cable television company, and most recently ClearChannel Outdoor Advertising. Kathy has a BS degree from Babson College. She has worked in the advertising field at a Boston advertising agency, a software development company (where she worked with Kevin O’Leary from TV’s “Shark Tank”), and most recently at Bank of Boston (now part of Bank of America). Additionally, Kathy has her real estate salespersons license since 2010 and is an agent with Realty National, MA – a division of FortuneBuilders. Alex and Kathy concentrate on rehabbing single family houses but have done many other aspects of real estate investing such as short sale negotiation, private money lending, and most recently new construction.

Ammon Brimhall

Ammon started his career back in 2000. He began buying and selling properties in Utah, but has been actively investing in Northeastern Arizona since 2010. He has been teaching and mentoring other real estate investors since 2005, and has been a FortuneBuilders student, coach, faculty member, and curriculum developer since 2012. Ammon has focused mainly on rehab properties with some wholesaling and Joint Ventures as well. He also focuses on creative solutions including seller financing, private lending, unique solutions, and niche marketing. He is fluent in Spanish and completed a degree in psychology. His interests are his family, reading, outdoor sports, and human development.

Amy Mahjoory

Amy has been an active real estate investor since 2012 in Chicago, IL. Amy's target market is downtown Chicago, but she has completed deals in Ohio, Texas and Florida. Her successful real estate investment company, Blue Ink Homes, originated in 2012 when she was accepted into FortuneBuilders. Amy (Blue Ink Homes) is a Graduate Mastery students and Inner Circle members. She has been a Field Expert Coach since June 2014. Since being accepted into FortuneBuilders, Blue Ink Homes has bought and sold numerous rehab properties, mostly high end, while building passive income with the addition of buy and hold properties. Amy and her team are currently focusing on expanding their portfolio with commercial properties. Prior to joining FortuneBuilders, Amy earned her BA in Supply Chain Management from Michigan State University and her MBA in Operations Management from St. Edward's University. For 14 years, she worked for Dell Incorporated in Austin, TX where she became a highly recognized global leader with focus on Operations, Logistics and Purchasing Management. Her general strengths include structuring joint venture agreements, outsourcing operations, raising private money, managing timelines and understanding how to effectively deal with ambiguity. Her high drive for results and optimistic can-do attitude is what motivates her on a daily basis.

Angela Gregg

Angela has been an active real estate investor since 2006 in Germany and 2013 in Honolulu, HI. She started investing by building her rental property portfolio overseas before finding FortuneBuilders in 2013. She and her family founded Sturdy Foundations, Inc. and are Graduate Mastery students and Inner Circle members. She has been a Field Expert Coach since September 2013. Since joining FortuneBuilders, the Sturdy Foundations, Inc. team have bought and sold numerous rehab properties while building passive income with the addition of buy and hold properties. Angela and her team are currently focusing on expanding their portfolio by investing in other states. Prior to joining FortuneBuilders and establishing the family owned business, Angela is active duty Air Force with over 19 years of service with retirement just around the corner. Her Masters of Science in Human Resource Management and international experience through her military career have been very useful in building & expanding her business. Angela enjoys spending time with her family which includes hiking, outdoor sports and traveling.

Bill Hook

Bill has been investing in real estate throughout the Pittsburgh, PA market since joining the Mastery community in early 2013. He has participated in dozens of transactions since that time. He concentrates on mid-level rehab projects but also does wholesaling, pre-habbing, private money lending as well as buy and holds. He has done many types of rehabs including REO’s, MLS deals, and commercial property. Prior to joining Mastery, Bill was in the IT industry, and ran several successful companies for several years. Bill lives just outside of Pittsburgh and has been a coach, mentor and trainer for FortuneBuilders since 2014. He has conducted FortuneBuilder case studies and participated on the Mindset panel at the 2015 Ignite event in Las Vegas.

Bob Reed

Bob has several years of construction/building/rehabbing experience and has been a active real estate investor since 2000. Bob has vast real estate experience in wholesaling, rehabbing, new construction and subject-to’s. Bob was a FortuneBuilders Inner Circle Mastery graduate in 2011 and became a coach for the program in February 2012. Bob earned a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Tennessee and started his career in Construction Management with ALCOA in 1981. In 1993, he decided to start his own construction company and left ALCOA for the real estate field where his business is located in Knoxville, Tennessee. All three of his companies are currently dedicated to real estate investing full time. Bob has been the President of the MA Homebuilders Association twice and served as State and National Director. In addition, Bob was Chairman of Governmental Affairs and met with local and state government officials to lobby for home builders concerns. He continues to participate in local government affairs as Chairman of the Blount County Construction Appeals Board.

Bret Alford

Bret has been a Real Estate Investor since 2010. He has done numerous deals in multiple states and transitioned to full time investing in 2012. He started with Mastery in January 2011 and has been a coach since 2012 and loves to share his knowledge and experience with other investors. Bret moved to the role of Start-up Systems Specialist in 2014 and Inner Circle Business Systems Coach in 2016. Bret has vast experience in other fields aside from rehabs, he has used creative financing to purchase and fund deals, completed wholesale transactions, bought short sales, online auction properties and REO’s, and repaired properties to use as rentals. Bret left a career in Civil Engineering, having graduated from Umpqua Community College with an AAS in Civil Engineering in 2001. Prior to engineering he had worked in various jobs in restaurants, retail, warehousing and even drove a tow truck for a few years. Bret is active with numerous local REIAs and his church and loves to spend time with family. He and his wife, Sharla have 9 grandchildren that they try to see often and spoil. Bret & Sharla also love to ride their Yamaha Venture on the highways and back roads of the states they have lived in.

Cheryl O'Hearn

Cheryl O’Hearn has been an active real estate investor since 2007 in Denver, CO. She started investing by building her rental property portfolio before finding FortuneBuilders in 2013. She and her family (Shamrock Homes) are Graduate Mastery students and Inner Circle members. She has been a Field Expert Coach since May 2015. Since joining FortuneBuilders, the Shamrock Homes team have bought and sold numerous rehab properties while building passive income with the addition of buy and hold properties and private money lending. Cheryl and her team are currently focusing on expanding their portfolio with commercial properties. Prior to joining FortuneBuilders and establishing the family owned business, Cheryl spent several years working in a corporate IT career. She is a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and Project Manager, skills which have been very useful in her business. Cheryl and her husband enjoy traveling and relaxing whenever possible, preferably on a beach with a good book!

Chris Banks

Chris has been investing in real estate since 2001 and has become more active since 2009 working primarily on wholesale and short sale deals. Chris became a student of the FortuneBuilders Mastery Program in 2009 and then began coaching in 2012. Chris concentrates on Wholesale deals because he enjoys interacting with homeowners and wants to help them find a win-win solution. He also has experience acquiring rentals. Chris has worked in the Information Technology field since 1997, servicing both private industry clients and various branches of the government. Chris enjoys working out which includes running to stay physically fit.

Chris Macri

Christina has been investing in rental properties with her husband since 1990. She has lived in Northern California since 1989. Chris and her husband, Lane, joined Mastery in 2011 and they have been Field Experts since 2012. Chris and her husband joined Mastery for the purpose of creating systems for buying and selling homes needing renovations and acquiring additional rental properties to reach their passive income goal. In four short years after joining Mastery and applying what they learned, they surpassed their passive income goal! Her number one job is motherhood which made her prior career in the veterinary horse profession seem like a cake walk. Chris and Lane also run their own veterinary business and several other small businesses. Chris had the dream come true experience of working on the 2001 Kentucky Derby winner, Monarchos.

Chris Hiebert

Chris began his real estate career in 2012 focusing on rehabbing homes in the Kansas City area to resale and to also rehab to rent and grow his passive income portfolio. He is also a licensed Realtor in the state Missouri. Today, Chris continues to rehab properties and is also focused on multiple large new construction projects for tear down/rebuild in exclusive high end neighborhoods in the Kansas City market. He was accepted into the Mastery coaching program in April 2012 and became a field expert in June of 2015. Raising private capital and rehabbing have become some of Chris’ focus and favorite parts of this business. Chris and his wife’s next goal is to have at least two new Home Plus properties (residential assisted living and memory care homes for the elderly) up and running in the Kansas City market. Prior to FortuneBuilders, Chris worked in the mutual fund industry for several years marketing his company’s investment options to Registered Investment Advisors, 401k plan consultants and Brokers. He was also Series 6 and 63 licensed. Chris is the father of 5 children and coaches his daughter’s club volleyball team at the national level. He also trains and runs in marathons.

Christy Duckett-Harris

Christy has been an active real estate investor since 2007 in Columbia, SC. She started her investment career by rehabbing before finding FortuneBuilders and becoming a Mastery student in 2011. After having tremendous success using the FortuneBuilders’ system, she became a Field Expert Coach in 2015. Since joining FortuneBuilders, Christy and her team have bought and sold numerous rehabs. They also concentrate on wholesaling and building passive income through not only single family homes but also mobile homes. Prior to joining FortuneBuilders and establishing the family owned business, Christy worked in corporate America. She found out quickly that working a traditional 9-5 was not the way to financial/time freedom. She also earned her Psychology degree from Radford University. She enjoys spending time with her husband and two little boys. She has perfected the science of finding the balance between real estate and family!

Cindy Kwiatkowski

Cindy has been an active real estate investor and private lender since 2012 in Omaha, Nebraska. She started investing by flipping and building her rental property portfolio. She and her husband, who created the business ARC Homes, are Graduate Mastery students. She has been a Field Expert Coach since March 2013. Since joining FortuneBuilders, the ARC Homes team have bought and sold numerous rehab properties while building passive income with buy and hold properties and private money lending. Their focus is single family homes. This has all been done while working full-time jobs and also owning other businesses. Prior to joining FortuneBuilders, Cindy spent 25 years in a nursing career. She is a Certified Case Manager and RN with a MSN as a Healthcare Executive. She along with her husband and daughter own two successful Lounge and Grille’s in the Omaha, Nebraska area. She loves to travel and has been in every US state along with many other areas of the world. Cindy is married and has three children and nine grandchildren. They are guardians of a very active eight-year-old who keeps them very busy along with the rest of our family.

Cody Lawson

Cody is a graduate of the FortuneBuilders Mastery program. Before embarking on this journey with FortuneBuilders, Cody was a wildlife biologist with no prior real estate knowledge. Within the first 6 months of joining Mastery, in 2010, he was able to quit his full time JOB to pursue a career as real estate investor. FortuneBuilders has given Cody and his family the education and tools they need to run their real estate investment business, where they focus primarily on Wholesales, Rehabs and Short Sales. Cody also started a hard money lending company in 2014. Cody has been a coach, speaker/trainer since 2011 and is passionate about traveling across the country sharing his knowledge with new students helping them achieve their goals in real estate. When Cody is not negotiating his next deal you can find him hunting, fishing or just enjoying the outdoors. Cody and wife run an elderly orphanage in Mexico, with their home church group.

Craig Barton

Craig has been an active Real Estate investor since 2004 in Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona. Craig started as a Mastery student in 2011 and became a Field Expert Coach in October 2014. Since joining FortuneBuilders Craig has been able to streamline his business with a greater understanding of what it really takes to move to the next level through marketing, building systems and making better products and therefore quicker sales. Craig started developing land with manufactured homes and became a manufactured home dealer, then transitioned into purchasing, rehabilitating and selling single family homes. Prior to joining FortuneBuilders, Craig worked as a commission salesperson for 20 years before realizing the awesome world of real estate was open to the public. Craig enjoys lifting weights, Bikram Yoga and other activities he thinks he’s young enough to engage in. He’s known for spending too much time watching his favorite football teams. Craig also likes sushi, short weekend trips and espresso. He’s trying to cut back on espresso. That’s not going so well though…

Dan McCutchen

Dan is FortuneBuilders Mastery Graduate and a partner in a real estate investment business. In addition to being a real estate investor, he has been a licensed Realtor for over 8 years. He also has owned a successful business that provides Real Estate Photography and Virtual Tours services to Realtors, and he owned an IT Consulting firm that handles government contracts. Dan’s strengths come from his creativity and background in IT & Graphic Design. He utilizes his skill sets and talents to focus on the Marketing side of his real estate business. He loves technology, toys, shiny items and gadgets, and uses them to streamline as much of their business as he possible. He looks forward to sharing the knowledge he has gained in the Mastery training program that helped change his life and allow him enjoy life to the fullest!

Darlene Smith

Darlene has been an active real estate investor since 2008 kicking it off with rentals. Most of Darlene’s investments are in the Moncton, NB area of Canada where she currently resides but she also holds other investment properties in the US through the Passive Income Club. Darlene joined FortuneBuilders in 2008 being the first Canadian student and became the first Canadian Mastery Coach in May 2012. Darlene has a business degree from Acadia University. Her main passion is rehabs but she also has experience in the commercial flipping business. Prior to real estate, Darlene spent several years in senior retail management. Darlene started the first REIO in Atlantic Canada in Moncton, NB. She owned and operated three Special Care Homes for mentally ill patients and sold them as a turnkey business. A member of Toastmasters, Darlene also coaches business owners to enhance their presentation skills. Darlene has a passion to teach and inspire others to achieve more. Darlene finds giving back to the community very rewarding and volunteers with many organizations. Darlene is a Full Immersion trainer, Mastery coach, bootcamp Concierge Booth team member, Rehab Bus Tour Leader, and works in the Fulfillment department creating Canadian content and live virtual trainings.

Darren Hoefgen

Darren is a FortuneBuilders Mastery Graduate and a partner with fellow FortuneBuilders Mastery Coach John Struckhoff. Together they own Hitch Asset Management, LLC., a residential redevelopment company doing business in St. Louis, Missouri and Chicago, Illinois. Darren works in real estate as both, a licensed Realtor in Missouri and as a real estate investor. He gave-up his corporate America job in Information Technology Consulting in 2012 to pursue real estate. A graduate from University of Missouri with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Darren went on to receive his Masters of International Business from Saint Louis University. Darren has as passion for helping and teaching, and was able to start giving back to Mastery students as a Mastery Coach. In 2012, Darren was selected to join the Immersion Speaker Team and has been on the road teaching Mastery students ever since. Darren’s current focus is to build his rental portfolio and continue to expand and grow as a Speaker while running his businesses at home, focusing on raising private money, managing rentals, and managing the people and teams that make it all possible.

David Barnes

San Diego native and resident, David has been involved in real estate since childhood having grown up in a family that rehabilitated homes. He worked in construction and restaurants before attending college where he moved to mental health as a teacher and counselor for emotionally impaired children. His passion is helping others realize opportunities through knowledge acquisition, positive action and resiliency.  David has worked as an educator, coach and counselor in academics, mental health, athletics and business. He is a CT Homes systems and tools teacher, Inner Circle Adviser, and FortuneBuilders Coach Since 2014. David began wholesaling in 1994 upon moving to San Francisco and started full time in construction, development, land use and design in 1997. He has worked in residential and commercial real estate as a builder, investor, hard money lender and consultant. He continues to operate a company active in those arenas. David is a long time entrepreneur having built a carpet cleaning business in high school servicing 12 restaurants. He has a focus in problem solving, building start-up companies and rectifying troubled projects. He has 3 boys and a passion for coaching, especially the sport of Rugby. He hopes to return to college coaching when his children graduate.

David Fair

David has been active in real estate since 2002 and before joining FortuneBuilders in 2012, was active in rehabs and creative financing strategies in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. He was an active partner in a real estate investment and realty firm for 7 years prior to becoming a FortuneBuilders Field Expert Coach. David has been a Mastery student since October 2012 and a Field Expert Coach since February 2017. David’s last several years of experience has primarily focused on creative financing strategies, including subject to and owner financing. In this role, David has had a key part in transacting with numerous owner financed properties to create passive income for the investors he worked with. More recently, he has taken on a new partnership where the key focus is relying upon the FortuneBuilders systems to ensure success in marketing and raising private money for rehabs. Before embarking on his journey in real estate, David was heavily involved with his family’s retail business in South Texas for 19 years and then got into light contracting business before venturing into real estate. The retail experience, coupled with his experience with managing a team and implementing systems has greatly helped him in his real estate ventures.

Dennis Cammack

Dennis has over 40 years’ experience in real estate investing and teaching. He started redeveloping houses part-time but moved into commercial early on. He has an extensive background (35 years) in commercial real estate, financing, and organizational management as well as community economic development, business consulting and urban planning.  Dennis works from Colorado but has done business nationwide and is one of the senior coaches with FortuneBuilders. Dennis has been in the FortuneBuilders family coaching and working with FortuneBuilders’ since 2009. Additionally, Dennis taught Economics and Business at the College/University level for 17 years and started several small businesses outside of his real estate investing which provided him a great business perspective for Mastery. Having rehabbed several homes in the late 1970’s part time, he loved the business and went into commercial real estate full time. Being successful in commercial land development led him to helping and teaching others good business techniques. Currently, Dennis (“the Ol’Dawg”) is moving into semi-retirement but still owns and operates his commercial mortgage firm, two other small businesses, and does considerable real estate and small business consulting. Dennis has 37 years of experience in commercial real estate as a developer, commercial investment grade financing as well as due diligence review, and consulting. Dennis has been a small business owner in restaurants, career counseling, landscaping, management consulting, and retailing.  Additionally, Dennis spent 17 years as an adjunct Professor teaching college Economics and Business. He is joyfully married to the lady of his dreams, is competitive, loves sports, and is an accomplished woodworker. Dennis is a man of faith and is currently helping build a new church using many of FortuneBuilders’ techniques. Having been President of the Board of Trustees for a college, serving on numerous community boards and State Commissions, Board of Directors for two Foundations, and being a City Planning Commissioner, his community involvement has remained strong. He has been actively involved with community economic development for over 30 years and works in the Colorado State Golf Association. Dennis continues to try to figure out “golf.”

Dennis Hoffman

Dennis has been a Realtor since 1999 in the Denver metro area, working with buyers/sellers and investors. He has been a managing broker for two different offices and has taught real estate school. He has been building his rental portfolio before joining FortuneBuilders in 2012. He is a Certified Professional Performance Coach, coaching business owners and companies since 2008. Dennis and his team, wife Heidi, In-Laws Carol and Warren Krantz joined mastery and Inner Circle in 2012. He has been a Field Expert Coach since March 2014. Since joining FortuneBuilders, the Accrete Synergy Group, Dennis’ company, has bought and sold numerous homes in the Denver market including rentals. They are looking to expand with tax liens and tax deeds around the country. Before joining FortuneBuilders, Dennis worked as a Realtor managing two different real estate offices with over 140 agents in each office. Dennis was also a Certified Athletic Trainer working with universities and professional baseball teams. Dennis enjoys spending time watching his boy/girl twins participate in sports. One fact not known by most is that he was in the Air Force Reserves as a Security Police Officer and has guarded Air Force One and Air Force Two in the Reagan Administration.

Eddie Bodkin

Eddie has been an active real estate investor in the Chattanooga, TN market since 2010. He started out as a short sale negotiator and wholesaler and quickly moved into other areas of real estate. Eddie became a FortuneBuilders Mastery student in August of 2012 and started coaching in February 2015. Since joining FortuneBuilders, Eddie has expanded his company into multiple areas of real estate. He concentrates on wholesaling, rehabbing, short sales, foreclosures, probate, turn-key rentals, and raising private money. He is also a licensed real estate agent in Tennessee and focuses on selling residential investment properties, multi-family apartment buildings, and new construction homes. Prior to becoming a real estate investor, Eddie worked in the health care industry as a licensed professional counselor. This experience gave him the ability to understand other people’s needs and provide customized solutions for his clients. Eddie has overcome many obstacles since joining Mastery and wants to help other people do the same.

Edward O'Daniel

Edward began his real estate career in 2005 doing residential leasing, property management and single family home sales in St Louis, MO. Since then he has started his own property management company to provide management for his own rentals and those of other investors. He also runs his investment company that does wholesaling and rehabbing as well. Edward was accepted into mastery in August 2010 and became a field expert in October of 2012. Since then, Edward has been excited to teach students how to change their lives with real estate. Property Management has become one Edward’s concentrations and favorite parts of this business. Much of his work time is spent managing the contractors working on the several properties that his company manages. He also facilitates all of the purchases and sales for the wholesale portion of his company. He has extensive experience in dealing with real estate agents, contractor management, and property acquisition. Prior to FortuneBuilders, Edward worked in the Information Technology field for 18 years. Edward is the father of two girls and volunteers at his church regularly.

Elisa Stabile

Elisa has been active in rehabbing properties since 2000 and has been involved in real estate transactions from the East coast to the West. She concentrates on REO’s, short sales and auction properties. She has experience as a landlord, developer, property manager and as a mortgage broker. Elisa graduated from college and spent many years as a small business owner with a background in marketing, negotiations and copywriting. Elisa joined FortuneBuilders at the start of 2012 and has enjoyed growing her business through Mastery. She currently oversees the development of the Mastery Curriculum and the live virtual trainings. She has spent the last few years teaching FortuneBuilders students throughout the U.S. and Canada and considers herself very blessed to be an Immersion Coach. In 2013, Elisa was a co-star on A&E's "Flipping San Diego" and appeared on six episodes of the show during its premier season. She is the proud single mom of a son who is a Future FortuneBuilder.

Erica May

Erica has been an active real estate investor since 2007 in Columbia, SC. She joined the FortuneBuilders family in 2011. She became a part of FortuneBuilders in 2011 and became a Field Expert Coach in November 2015. Erica has done numerous real estate transactions consisting of rehabs, wholesaling, subject to, rentals and mobile homes. She owns several passive income properties consisting of single family homes as well as mobile homes. In 2012, Erica became a licensed property manager in charge. Prior to real estate investing, Erica was an accomplished Interior Designer. She worked on large projects all over the country for Marriott Vacation Club, Bank of New York, IBM, Nautica, University of Central Florida and Eli Lilly. In her free time, Erica enjoys spending time with her friends and family as well as traveling as much as she can.

Gloria Taylor Brown

For both beginners and seasoned experts, Gloria provides proven solutions that can be immediately applied to generate a sustainable income and create raving fan clients. Gloria uses her academic and corporate experience to give customers a step-by-step plan, grounded in sound business practices, that allows them to hit the ground running while building a profitable business through time. Gloria has created success in the business world as a Realtor, real estate developer, interior designer, artist, graphic designer, and business owner, creating Alchemy Arts, Inc., a successful marketing and coaching company serving national and international clients. She has been a Certified Coach (Relationship and Business) for over 20 years and has worked with countless clients to help them develop a successful business, where they can do what they love, and love what they are doing. With over 30 years experience in real estate and marketing, Gloria is an exceptional coach and teacher for new real estate investors.

Guy Varble

Guy has been investing in real estate in the Des Moines, IA area since 2010. He joined Mastery in 2010 and has been a Field Expert Coach since 2012. Since joining FortuneBuilders, Guy has purchased and sold numerous rehab properties while building passive income through rental and installment contract sales.  He has acted as a hard money lender and is good at creative negotiating.  His breadth of experience allows for creative deal structuring.  Guy can help students build a business and make the transition from working a full time job to being a full time real estate investor. Prior to becoming a full time investor in real estate Guy was a manager of a manufacturing company, a commercial banker and owned a small business. He has an undergrad degree from Westmont College and a MBA from Pepperdine University. He is also a SCUBA diver.

Guylaine Parthenais

Guylaine began her real estate career in 1983 with multi-unit rental properties in eastern Ontario, Canada. She joined FortuneBuilders in 2012 as a Mastery and Inner Circle student. Guylaine started coaching as a field expect coach in early 2015. She enjoys motivating new students/couples in getting things done while keeping a good work/life balance. As a “Franco-Ontarienne”, Guylaine also gets to assist French speaking students if that is the language they prefer to be coached in. Guylaine loves being on the water and sails/races as much as she can.

Harry Naill

Harry has been a real estate Broker since 1987 and became a landlord in 1995. He also started rehabbing in 2007. Harry specializes in raw land, subdivisions, marketing and rental properties and loves to teach and mentor on each of these real estate niches. He joined the FortuneBuilders Mastery coaching program back in 2009 and became a Field Expert Coach in 2013. Currently, Harry runs a real estate investment group in York, PA. Harry’s father was a plastering contractor with whom he worked for until getting his real estate license in 1985 as a Realtor and has since sold a massive amount of properties. Harry is married and has three children. Harry enjoys hunting, salt water fishing, spear fishing, scuba diving, doubles volleyball, boating and raising their two German shepherds.

Jacquellene Trajkovic

Jacquellene has been investing in real estate since 1997 and currently resides in San Diego, CA. Her vast experience in real estate investing ranges from rehabbing to new construction of 1,500 square foot to 15,000 square foot custom homes to land improvements and preparation for builders. Her skills have enabled her to conduct property and contractor management, plan projects, landscape from hard-scape to soft-scape, and build great relationships with private money lenders, real estate agents, and many other key team members needed to complete a deal. Jacquellene is a professional and certified international life and business coach. Since 2002, she has been passionately helping entrepreneurs through life and business coaching. In her spare time, she enjoys time with her kids, family, and friends. She loves to travel, go to the beach, read, and watch hockey.

Jamie Saunders

​Jamie is located in San Diego and has been coaching FortuneBuilder students since 2015. She started investing in real estate in 2003 and has rehabbed SFR’s, condos, townhouses and mobile homes. In addition to multiple land splits, she also focuses on wholesaling land, holding notes, new construction and joint ventures. Jamie is also versed in business strategies, marketing strategies, and hiring and training Virtual Assistants. She has been an entrepreneur since 1992 owning several business in the retail, service and real estate industries. She has also been in the title insurance industry on and off for over 20 years. Jamie is very passionate about making a positive difference and enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, meeting new people and helping FortuneBuilders’ students take their companies to the next level.

Jeff Leighton

Jeff has been an active real estate investor since 2010 in the Washington D.C. market. He has significant experienced in marketing in implementing both online and offline marketing campaigns to generate leads for your real estate investment business. Jeff is a former Mastery student who applied many of the marketing techniques taught by FortuneBuilders and eventually became a coach in August 2012 after having a successful track record of deals. He has conducted numerous case studies and webinars documenting some of his most successful real estate transactions. Since joining FortuneBuilders, Jeff has closed numerous wholesale deals and joint ventures with other investors. Prior to joining FortuneBuilders, Jeff worked briefly for another real estate investor after graduating from James Madison University. He loves football and is a major Redskins fan.

Jeff Stemmerman

Jeff Started his career in construction during his college days. He began rehabbing his own homes in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the early 90’s. He was a Marketing and Business development Coach working primarily with Realtors for several years. As an estate manager, he managed luxury estate properties for high profile families based out of Rancho Santa Fe including: leasing, property management, maintenance, construction, staffing, cleaning, travel, and event planning. Jeff has been a FortuneBuilders student and FortuneBuilders Coach full time since 2014. He has flipped houses under his own company and managed large scale construction projects for high value home owners. He also has extensive property management and leasing experience. Further, Jeff also has extensive management experience with numerous direct reports at a time. He has worked in the construction, retail, property management, estate management, education and seminar industries. He is a teacher at heart who loves to learn and teach great principles and practices that change people’s lives. He is also an avid guitarist and musician as well as an accomplished photographer.

Jenna Hoover

Jenna started mastery in March 2013 and definitely made a lasting impression in a short amount of time. Prior to real estate, Jenna worked in medical sales for seven years which gave her the valuable sales experience and tough negotiation tactics that reflect knowledge and skill beyond her years. She excels in marketing/advertising, lead generation, wholesaling, raising private money, creative financing, subject-to, owner financing, rentals, negotiating with contractors, negotiating with sellers, and of course rehabbing. Jenna has an enthusiasm for her work and exudes nothing but passion for others to achieve the same success.

Jim Herrera

Jim has over 16 years real estate experience and has been an active investor since 2007. He was an MLS executive for over 5 years and a professional business coach to numerous real estate agents. Jim has also owned a home inspection and termite inspection business for 10 years. With his wife Kim, he has invested in non-performing single family properties in Northern California, multi-family properties in the Midwest and developed commercial property in underdeveloped and developing countries. His real estate investment business is focused on perfecting a home ownership growth path program to the vanishing middle class in America. Prior to FortuneBuilders, Jim was a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur. He has successfully raised money for investment funds and started, operated and successfully exited several technology and business information ventures. Jim applies his knowledge and experience to assist his students: develop a successful entrepreneur/investor mindset; select and implement appropriate business technologies and implement the FortuneBuilders’ business systems.

Jo Pascarella

Jo started selling real estate as an agent in 1987 after being honorably discharged from the US Navy. She purchased her first rental in 1993 and has been adding to that portfolio ever since. She owns single family homes, convenience stores, and doctor’s offices. Jo started coaching in 2012 and enjoys helping her students also learn the systems and new strategies in order to create growth in their own business and to also make it more systemized. She also has a real estate brokerage, reinvestment company, and rental management company. Her two sons help Jo run the business as well, they are her full-time property manager and broker. She is a single mom of 4 and also cares for her 80-year old mom.

Joanna Anderson

JoAnna began her real estate career in Richmond, VA in 2012 as a FortuneBuilder student wholesaling and rehabbing. She was accepted into mastery in April 2012 and became a field expert in 2015.  JoAnna and her husband, Jeff, were the very first Inner Circle Spotlight recipients in 2014. She was also a Full Immersion Speaker from 2016-2017. JoAnna enjoys rehabbing historic homes and consulting other investors on historic property preservation.  She has recently become very passionate about investing in rental properties and preparing for early retirement options.  Much of her time is spent building profitable relationships with current and potential team members to create success for all. Prior to FortuneBuilders, JoAnna taught biology for 14 years. JoAnna is the youngest of 28 siblings and the mother of 2 beautiful girls. She still enjoys teaching and takes advantage of every opportunity to give back through educating others.

Joe Barletta

Joe began his real estate career in 2003 in Connecticut. He joined the FortuneBuilders team as a Field Expert Coach in 2011. He is a licensed broker, CDPE certified distressed property expert and full time investor/entrepreneur. Joe graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 2000. Prior to working in real estate, Joe worked in a family construction business throughout his early years which provided an invaluable experience to real estate investing. He is married and a proud father who enjoys anything that gets the blood flowing, working and playing hard, and enjoying the life real estate has provided.

John Sorenson

John began his career in real estate 5 years ago as a licensed mortgage professional in San Diego. Working with local residential redevelopers and retail buyers he has been involved in numerous real estate transactions. John has also spent several years as a business development and leadership coach, growing a successful part-time business in the health and wellness field. John has been a full-time FortuneBuilders Coach since 2014 and has helped countless entrepreneurs start and scale their businesses. He has also managed up to 20 direct reports. In his experience, everything starts with mindset. As Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.”Prior to FortuneBuilders John was in the mortgage industry, academia, as well as the field of health and wellness. In his spare time, John enjoys the beach and all things outdoors with his beautiful wife and kids.

Jon Garnett

Jon began his real estate career in 1988 doing commercial leasing, property management and single family home sales in southern California. This continued until 1997 when he moved back to Texas to take over his family’s farming and cattle operation. Jon was accepted into the Mastery coaching program in January of 2013 and became a field expert in April of 2015.  In January of 2016 Jon started as presenter on the Live Virtual Training team doing weekly webinars. In June of 2016 he became a Full Immersion speaker. Rehabbing has become one of Jon’s favorite parts of this business.  Much of his work time is spent managing the contractors working on the many projects that his company, Western Equity Partners, Inc. acquires. He also facilitates all of the purchases and sales for the wholesale portion of his company.   He has extensive experience in dealing with real estate agents, contractor management, and property acquisition. Prior to FortuneBuilders, Jon managed his family’s irrigated farm and beef cattle operation in the Texas panhandle. He is the father of 7 children and is an avid outdoorsman.

Jonathan Jacoub

Jonathan has a passion for teaching and coaching in a number of different capacities.  He spent several years working in San Diego schools being awarded employee of the year in 2013. He realized the opportunity of real estate as a vehicle for achieving lifestyle by design and saw the great value that FortuneBuilders provided to the community and instantly wanted to be part of it​. Jonathan has spent over a year ​mastering the CT Homes ​and FortuneBuilders systems as well as supporting FortuneBuilders students in realizing an entrepreneurial mindset. He enjoys spending quality time with family, adventures at the beach with his son and K9 companion, and recreation playing soccer and guitar.

Josh Hastings

Josh has been an active real estate investor since 2012 in the greater Sacramento, CA area after joining FortuneBuilders. He started working in the real estate industry in 2008 working in his family’s property management company. He is a graduate Mastery student and has been a Field Expert Coach since April of 2015. Since joining FortuneBuilders, Josh has focused his business on residential redevelopment concentrating on rehabbing, additions and new build projects. He has also focused on building a large group of private lenders to lend on his real estate deals. Since joining FortuneBuilders every project has been funded through private lenders. His company, NorCal Homes & Development is typically working on multiple projects at any given time. In 2003 before joining FortuneBuilders, Josh attended and graduated from the Sacramento County Peace Officer Standards and Training in order to pursue a career in law enforcement. He received his certificate in 2003, later that year he decided to pursue a career in the corporate world. From 2003 to 2008 Josh worked for a local telecommunication company. In 2008 Josh started working with his parents at their family owned property management company before taking it over and eventually selling the company in 2014 to focus his full attention on his real estate investing company. Josh is a husband and the father of two boys. He loves spending time with his family and has been able to coach both of his boys in youth soccer.

Kamil Drezek

Kamil began his real estate career in 2012 by joining the FortuneBuilders Mastery program. He wholesaled his first few deals and then started rehabbing in Chicagoland area. He has also picked up few rental properties that he is managing himself. He was accepted into Mastery in July 2012 and became a Field Expert in December 2015. Rehabbing is Kamil’s bread and butter. In 2013, he started joint venturing with two partners and split up the responsibilities. He is in charge of project management and marketing. In May 2017, he merged with his partners by opening a new real estate investment company. His time is split between managing rehab projects and marketing the business. In 2015, he also became a real estate agent to add to his abilities. He has extensive experience in managing projects, pre-selling properties, successful business partnerships, and marketing. Prior to FortuneBuilders, Kamil was working in the IT industry as a computer programmer systems specialist. He earned his Bachelor’s degree from DeVry University in Computer Science. Kamil loves any type of adrenaline sports. He rides a motorcycle and used to do car racing.

Karen Bordner

Karen and her husband have been active real estate investors since 2000 after moving to Denver and renting their out of state property before discovering FortuneBuilders in 2013. Karen and her husband Don Ellis, whoboth createdKD Residential Investments, are graduate Mastery students and Inner Circle members. Karen has been a coach since April 2015. Since joining FortuneBuilders in 2013, KD Residential Investments has bought and sold numerous renovation properties while building passive income with out of state rental purchases and developed numerous private money lender relationships. Karen and Don are currently focusing on expanding their renovation and buy & hold business into Grand Rapids, Michigan, as well as Toledo and Columbus, Ohio. They’ve been focused on adding to their passive income portfolio with commercial and multi-family properties while growing Cabinet Solutions Group, their kitchen and bath design and dealership business. Prior to joining FortuneBuilders, Karen spent over 20+ years as an award winning sales and marketing executive in the music and publishing industries, managing sales to the world’s largest retailers such as, Costco and Walmart, while creating sales and marketing strategies for superstar artists such as Paul McCartney, Bonnie Raitt, Bob Seger, Radiohead, Stephen King, and Pulitzer Prize winner David McCullough. She has an Executive MBA, an MA, and holds certificates in Organizational Leadership, Project Management, Sustainable Business, and Social Media Marketing. Karen and her husband Donhave been involved in Greyhound rescue for over 20 years. They currently share their Boulder, CO home with one rescued Greyhound and one rescued Black Lab. Karen serves on the Colorado State University Alumni Association Board of Directors and is a co-founder of a special needs pooled trust. She can be found running or cycling the trails and roads around Boulder, playing competitive softball, and cheering on the Detroit Red Wings. Karen spent 15 years as an active PADI DiveMaster and holds 8 additional PADI dive specialty certifications.

Kathi Lucke

Kathi has been an active real estate investor since 2013 in El Dorado Hills, CA (outside Sacramento, CA) after joining FortuneBuilders in 2012. She started investing by being a private money lender and now she and her husband focus on large addition projects and new construction. She and her husband are both graduate Mastery students and she has been a Field Expert Coach since January of 2016. Since joining FortuneBuilders, Kathi and her husband Jeff, who has been a licensed commercial architect for 27 years, have bought and sold numerous properties while also focusing on private money lending. Kathi and her husband are currently exploring expanding investing in commercial properties, principally multi-family properties. Prior to joining FortuneBuilders, Kathi spent 27 years in a corporate finance career focused in healthcare and also led large multi-year projects. She is a Certified Public Accountant (inactive) which combined with her experience leading large projects and large teams have translated into skills that have been very useful in her real estate business.

Katie O'Brien

Katie O’Brien has been an active real estate investor in the rental property market in Ontario, Canada. She started investing by building her rental property portfolio before finding FortuneBuilders in November of 2015. Katie has been a Field Expert Coach since January 2017. Since joining FortuneBuilders, Katie and her team have bought and renovated several rental units while building passive income. Katie and her team are currently focusing on expanding their portfolio with multi-family units in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. Prior to joining FortuneBuilders and establishing her real estate portfolio, Katie spent 8 years as a field seminar director in Canada. She has traveled across Canada and the USA teaching others about the importance of financial education. Her educational background is in Human Resources / Business Administration. She is currently in the process of obtaining her real estate license in the province of Ontario. In her downtime, Katie is an avid animal lover and loves to learn new things. Her hobbies include home design and decorating / staging, gardening, playing guitar and piano, painting landscapes, and outdoor sports. She believes that success is a lifelong journey and not a destination, and continues to learn and apply her knowledge. She strives for self-improvement and personal growth in all areas of her life. “Life is not about perfection, it is about progression.” With the experiences from her travels and from her personal life, Katie lives with passion and enthusiasm and speaks on creating a clear vision for your future, pushing yourself outside your comfort zone, and never giving up.

Kristi Thayer

Kristi is currently a full time investor in Raleigh, NC with her husband, Terry . Kristi ‘s experience in design and managing large scale renovations helps in selling their properties quick and at top dollar. She has completed projects that include new construction, historical renovations, cosmetic rehabs and full gut house renovations. After joining FortuneBuilders in July 2013, she was able to go from being a technician in their business to a manager in a short period of time just by applying the systems that are taught by FortuneBuilders. She realized that the Mastery program was an opportunity to get an education from the best in the business and she took full advantage of it! This program has allowed her to reach her goals much quicker by implementing FB systems into her own business.

Kristin Brenkus

Kristin presently resides in the Jacksonville, FL area and started in real estate back in 2009. She earned her professional coaching certificate in 2015 which was the same year that she started working with FortuneBuilders. Since starting with FortuneBuilders, she has become an expert in their systems and has coached countless students throughout the program.  Kristin has also started her own coaching practice in 2016 and has been actively growing that since. Kristin has been in sales and marketing for most of her life in all different professions throughout the United States. She has also worked in property management, new homes sales and residential appraisals.

LaDonna Smith

LaDonna got started in real estate in the property management field and spent 12 years managing and marketing apartment communities in Orlando, Florida, Connecticut and southeast Florida. While in property management she spent a portion of her career recruiting and training new hires and used a lengthy interview process to put the right hire with the right job. She also has experience in multi-family and new construction” lease ups”; essentially filling brand new vacant apartments to a high level of occupancy in a short period of time for maximum income generation for developers. In 2003, she got her real estate license and started a sales and marketing company to exclusively work with developers to market their condominium conversions. Through that company, LaDonna personally oversaw all aspects of the sales team, pricing, advertising and promotions. In that time frame, her sales and marketing company participated in numerous real estate transactions. She is now the owner of SW Florida Invest LLC, MBLS Ventures, LLC and Green Pencil, LLC and works feverishly renovating single family homes in Naples, FL and has recently expanded to Chicago, IL.

Lance Lightner

Lance started investing in real estate in 1999 but was soon interrupted when family business required his expertise. Lance embarked in the 100-year-old family business and throughout the years endeavored in multiple small businesses but was unable to shake the real estate bug. In 2013, Lance followed his passion for real estate and soon after completed his first wholesale deal. In January of 2014, Lance became a FortuneBuilder and by mid-2015 became a Field Expert Coach. Based out of Raleigh, NC, Lance concentrates on wholesaling, subject-to and raising private money. Lance is married with three children and enjoys DJing, music production, travel and masterminding with entrepreneurs throughout the United States.

Lane Schloeder

Lane has been involved with investment real estate since 1994. He presently resides in northern California working the Sacramento market and also upstate New York. Lane joined Mastery in 2010 and has been an active coach since 2012. Since joining Mastery, Lane’s company has done numerous transactions in multiple states as both lenders and rehabbers. Lane has been able to have expand his passive income portfolio through Memphis Invest and Dallas Invest and are also investors in Grand Coast Capital. Lane owns several small businesses and also built and continues to operate an equine veterinary practice in northern California. Lane is married to Christina, who is also a coach for FortuneBuilders. Lane and Christina have a wonderful daughter, Kiera. Lane love’s to hunt and fish and spend time in the outdoors. Lane’s family is active in their local community and with their church. His family are horse crazy and own and care for more animals than you can imagine.

Leigh Smith

Leigh is a Board Certified Coach (BCC) as well as a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC). Her love of real estate began at an early age, growing up learning and helping run her family’s general contracting business. Today, Leigh and her husband live in California and are actively pursuing real estate investment opportunities, implementing the FortuneBuilders systems. Leigh has been a system specialist with FortuneBuilders since 2015. Leigh has extensive experience with coaching people to achieve their goals. She looks at the whole person when coaching and has a keen ability to tailor the coaching experience to each student. Over the past couple of years, Leigh has seen the FortuneBuilder's systems at work in both her and her student's lives and is passionate about helping others see the value in these systems. Leigh is an educator at heart, having taught in the public school systems for several years before obtaining her Masters Degree and focusing on school counseling in the high school setting. Outside of real estate, Leigh also coaches and leads people to pursue their passion, regardless of the industry. She is a Board Certified Coach (BCC) as well as a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC).

Lilian Compatangelo

Lilian is a certified life coach, certified business coach and has been a licensed real estate agent in California since 2007. Prior to real estate, her endeavors included specialty senior management and corporate consulting. Lilian strives as a leader guiding students with knowledge and determination. Her passion is helping students with the Mastery program, their mindset, marketing skills and negotiation skills so students are always ready to crush it!

Linda Pedersen

Linda has been an active real estate investor since December 2012 in the Austin, TX area with her husband and 3 incredible children. Joining FortuneBuilders in December 2012 was her first exposure to the world of real estate investing. She graduated from the University of Phoenix with her Bachelors in Business Management and her Master’s in Business Administration. She also obtained her Project Management Professional certification in 2005, has been a Dale Carnegie Trainer since 2013 and coach for FortuneBuilders since July 2015. She has completed several wholesales and rehabs in a very hot sellers’ market and is responsible for the marketing, networking and systems development within her business. Prior to real estate, she was in the Navy as an electronics technician, worked in contract manufacturing and was a Global IT Program Manager leading software development projects across the world. She is passionate about helping distressed homeowners and paying it forward to the FortuneBuilders community by being part of the Crush It Crew, camp leader, as a coach and now as an Immersion speaker.

Lionel Finley

Lionel started investing in Real Estate in 2005 when he began acquiring rental properties and eventually rehabbing. The major markets where Lionel operates are in North Carolina, Maryland/DC, Michigan and Virginia. Lionel joined FortuneBuilders in 2012 and established his business with the FortuneBuilders systems, tools and resources. Lionel concentrates on rehabbing, wholesaling, subject-to, owner financing, rentals, raising private money and recently added land acquisitions to his acumen. His formal education consists of a Bachelors degree from Excelsior College and a Masters from Central Michigan University. Additionally, Lionel holds a North Carolina Realtors License, General Contractors License and FAA Airframe & Powerplant Mechanics License/ FCC Communication License, which were acquired while serving in the United States Army. Lionel served 20 years in the United States Army as a Helicopter Mechanic and Aviation Maintenance Officer with 3 tours in Iraq before his real estate investing career. In addition, Lionel is the President of a local AAU non-profit organization. Overall, Lionel has a passion for real estate investing and helping others grow the real estate business, which led him to coach with FortuneBuilders.

Malhar Bhagat

Malhar is the Head Honcho of M2REST (Real Estate Solutions Team).  Malhar’s two life passions: real estate and personal growth. Starting with minimal resources in January 2008, over the next several years, Malhar grew his business to what it is today. His team handles multiple renovation projects including new construction and large scale rehabs coupled with wholesaling and rentals to create a highly profitable business model. Malhar and his team, although “green” in 2008, have completed numerous real estate deals including REOs, wholesales, rehabs, new construction and in-fill lot development. Malhar was first a student of Mastery in 2010. He has been a coach, mentor and trainer for FortuneBuilders since 2013. As a trainer and speaker with the Immersion Team, Malhar has helped students learn the ropes of real estate investing. Prior to real estate, Malhar worked as a computer science engineer gaining a degree with high honors from Tufts University. Malhar loves sharing what he has learned to help him achieve his goals. Over the years he has realized that success stems from a strong resolve and unwavering mindset, ideas he strives to impart upon all of his students. Malhar currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

Mary Anschutz

Mary has been an active real estate investor since 2013 in Denver, CO. She is a graduate Mastery student and has been a Field Expert Coach since March 2015. Since joining FortuneBuilders in 2013, the Spark Properties team has bought and sold rehab properties while generating passive income through private money lending using self-directed IRAs and lines of credit. Mary and her husband are also focusing on partnering on scrape-and-new builds and developing a 25-unit apartment building. Additionally, Mary is helping investors and residential clients buy and sell properties. Prior to joining FortuneBuilders, Mary earned degrees from the University of Wisconsin and Northwestern University and then spent 20 years in marketing, sales and PR with 2 iconic companies, Coors and Heineken. Mary then spent a few years at Resort Technology Partners in marketing which matched her passion of skiing with using technology to create a unique experience. Being the mother of twin teenage daughters provides Mary with the daily experience of negotiating, trouble shooting and strategic team management.

Mel Feller

Mel began his real estate career of over 43 years in 1974 when buying his first home with his dad. Mel was a former real estate agent for over 20 years. Mel now lives in the great state of Texas. He was welcomed into FortuneBuilders in 2012 and as a result has has found his home and family. He is involved with the Jumpstart and Mastery Program. Real Estate Transactions of all types are Mel’s concentration. Mel owns several corporations that are involved in real estate investing and training. He has spoken publicly and presented various real estate topics for over 24 years. Mel likes to relish in the fact that there are not many real estate problems that he cannot solve! Prior to FortuneBuilders, Mel has attained two Masters degrees in Public Administration and Human Resources. He is involved and holds leadership positions in county and local Historical Boards, Economic Development, Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Friends of the Library and he volunteers as an Executive Director for his town’s food and financial services. Mel has also been a former aide to a United States Senator, an experience he still holds as one of greatest opportunities ever. Mel is the father of six children with his wife Tina. Together they have eight grandchildren and one on the way. He is also an avid fly fisherman and loves returning to the mountains and waters of Utah.

Michael Angelo Laurente

Michael started investing in real estate in 2010. Since the age of 18, he has been involved in the development and growth of several small business owners and real estate investors. He currently resides in San Diego, CA. Michael joined FortuneBuilders in August 2014 as a Coach and currently serves students across all coaching platforms, from Jumpstart to Inner Circle. A serial entrepreneur at the core, Michael has started and grown several companies of his own since the age of 18. He’s humble to say that he’s experienced both the success and failures of entrepreneurship. His core competency is most evident in the soft skills required in both the business and the owner running it. He is a firm believer in that, “Your business can only grow as much as you do”, which has led him to gain a passion to help entrepreneurs understand the emotional, self-awareness, spiritual, and less-tangible facets of growing a business and becoming the best version of oneself. An athlete at heart, Michael is an active marathoner, aspiring Ironman, and amateur boxer. He enjoys creative content creation through his passion for photography and videography. A spiritual soul, he is always exploring “purpose” and “meaning” of life as he designs it. He strives daily to motivate and inspire his generation and those around him to live more authentically while seeking to serve.

Michael Borger

Michael has been an active real estate investor since 2011 in Honolulu, Hawaii. He was new to real estate before joining FortuneBuilders and now remotely rehabs multiple properties per year from his home in San Diego, CA. Michael is a graduate of the Mastery coaching program and has been a Field Expert Coach since March 2012. Through his company, Oahu Home Buyers, Michael has bought, renovated and sold several properties in Hawaii. He has financed all of his projects through a mix of hard money, privately money that he personally raised, and creative finance strategies that he learned through FortuneBuilders. He frequently purchases properties in one of the most expensive markets in America by using several financing strategies. Michael has a very diverse background prior to joining FortuneBuilders, none of which involves real estate. A marketing major from Penn State University, Michael’s first career was in I.T. where he ran networks in Washington, DC for eight years. A love of world travel led to him earning a Masters degree in geographic science from George Mason. He then spent four years working on a PhD in geography at the University of Hawaii, using satellite imagery to study coastal land change, before leaving academia for Mastery and a career in real estate investment. Michael actively enjoys studying the sciences (ex. astronomy, physics, geography) as well as today’s emerging technologies like robotics, virtual reality and artificial intelligence. He also likes hiking, playing ice hockey and is learning to cook. He’s lived in Israel, traveled through China, swam with penguins in the Galapagos Islands, climbed Mount Olympus, and goes to Japan every year with his wife and daughter.

Michael Platania

Michael has been coaching clients since 2011, starting in New York before moving back to the West Coast. Michael also has a long history in the real estate field, having worked in the mortgage industry as a loan processor, closer and underwriter along with obtaining his real estate license in 2010. Michael has been a Systems Specialist Coach since May 2016.  Since joining FortuneBuilders, Michael has become an expert on the FB systems and processes and helping guide students to reach their goals.  As the Elevator Pitch Doctor, Michael coached real estate professionals by helping them identify their unique value proposition, target their ideal clients and develop their marketing message and strategies. When not helping students achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams, you can find Michael pursuing his other passions which include, hiking, the beach and public speaking.

Miguel Rodriguez

Miguel has been a licensed real estate agent since the crash of 2009. Since then, he has built investments in both Riverside and San Diego, California. Miguel has been a System Specialist and Inner Circle Business Coach with FortuneBuilders since 2015. Since the beginning of his career, Miguel has had his hand in numerous transactions ranging from new construction to multi-family rehabs. In addition, he has been a part of several large retail real estate teams and has currently launched his new retail team focusing on buyers, sellers and supporting investors. Prior to getting into real estate, Miguel spent several years working as a geotechnical consultant. Specifically, he would verify plans for rough grade and post grade work on large master plan communities. He also gained commercial experience managing several properties for a privately owned water district in California. Miguel is also a fitness fanatic and proud dad to a girl and boy. He spends a lot of time training for fitness events like Spartan Races and Epic Races and has hopes to compete on American Ninja Warrior.

Nikki Sammet

​Nikki has been a life coach in San Diego since 2014. She has been a startup specialist coach with FortuneBuilders since January 2016. Nikki relishes in one-on-one coaching, leading workshops, and group training. She helps her clients craft goals, push past fear based limitations, and create an expansive mindset. Nikki enjoys helping her clients create time in their schedules for their dreams to become reality. Nikki has experience in sales, recruiting, customer service, HR, onboarding, leadership, business management, training and coaching. She holds a Master’s Degree in Leadership Development and is currently working towards a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology along with a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.  Nikki has spent time in the health and wellness industry where she became a 200-hour certified yoga instructor and has led teacher training and wellness focused workshops.

Pam Ross

Pam is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation and has been investing in real estate since she purchased her first rental property as a teenager to help finance college. Her family has been active in real estate investing since her early childhood, so she can’t really remember what she did before real estate investing. She joined FortuneBuilders in 2013 to learn the systems used by CT Homes for “flipping” property. Pam holds a BBA in Human Resource Management from Boise State University, a Professional Coaching Certification in Integral Coaching from New Ventures West and is a Certified Professional Coach with the International Coach Federation. She has worked in human resource management, business management, accounting and finance, in addition to helping run the family real estate business in Idaho. Pam is an avid reader, loves to listen to music, enjoys going to any kind of live performance or sporting event, hiking, biking, running, paddle boarding, camping or hanging at the dog beach with her lab.  Her biggest passion in life, besides her family, is helping others achieve their goals.

Patrick Judd

Patrick is a Senior Inner Circle Advisor at FortuneBuilders and played a critical role in the development and expansion of the support system we provide to the Inner Circle students today. His vast real estate experience covers over 40 years in multiple states and includes rehabbing both single family residences and large apartment complexes. His knowledge of the rental market, landlord relations and economic trends makes him even more valuable to our team. Patrick is the “Go To Guy” in our system of support because of his tremendous working knowledge of the real estate industry garnered from hands on experience in the field and can be counted on to help Inner Circle students solve challenges with their deals and business. Patrick is a lifelong learner and was a teacher/administrator in the public school system for over 30 years. He joined the Mastery program as a student and became a Mastery Coach in 2012. He has a real estate investment business currently active in multiple states. He can be relied upon to help guide you through your personal development in your new real estate investing career with a patient and caring approach.

Radovan Smolej

Radovan has been a full time real estate investor since 2007 in Calgary, AB, Canada. He started investing by building his rental property portfolio before joining FortuneBuilders in 2012. He is graduate Mastery student and he has been a Field Expert Coach since March 2014. Radovan and his company’s focus is on wholesaling and rehabbing properties. Since mid 2014, they have flipped several properties. He is currently starting to expand into different markets and investing in the United States as well. Radovan is a Civil Engineer and spent over 10 years in construction project management prior to investing in real estate. Radovan was born in Slovakia (Europe). He is married and has two daughters. He loves motorbikes and sports.

Rae Majors-Wildman

Rae has over 15 years of experience in the real estate industry, as a realtor, senior mortgage consultant and real estate investor. With over 12 years of coaching experience, she has over countless coaching hours under her belt. Rae currently resides in San Diego, CA where she conducts remote business by investing in Detroit, Michigan. Rae graduated with honors with a degree in Counseling Psychology and has also received certification and mentorship from some of the best business leaders in the U.S. including Brian Buffini, Tony Robbins, John Assaraf and Chet Holmes (who was responsible for doubling seven divisions of Warren Buffet’s partner Charlie Munger). As a corporate trainer, Rae has trained some of the top leaders of Fortune 100 companies including Microsoft, T-Mobile and Wells Fargo, just to name a few.  She is also a best-selling author and award winning business strategist. When Rae is not helping her clients to grow their businesses, she enjoys playing golf, traveling and spending time with her family and friends.

Raechel Campbell

​Raechel has been a Mastery student since 2015 and has been an avid fan of FortuneBuilders long before then. Raechel has started her own real estate investing business alongside her boyfriend, Jeff. Together they have founded Begetter Homes, LLC. Although they are still getting their feet wet, they are excited about their future with FortuneBuilders. After Raechel joined FortuneBuilders as a Mastery student she wanted to continue a career as a business coach. She has a great passion for helping other achieve their dreams, and strongly believes that real estate will help get you there.

Robert McIntosh

Robert has been investing in real estate since 2002 and currently resides in Buffalo, NY. He was accepted into the Mastery coaching program in March 2010 and became an Inner Circle Advisor in September 2011. His concentration in real estate investing ranges from rehabbing, new construction on custom homes to land improvements/developments.  His skills honed over the years allow Rob to conduct property and contractor management, plan projects, landscape from hard-scape to soft-scape, and build great relationships with private money lenders, real estate agents, and other key team members needed to complete a deal from start to finish. Rob has wholesaled countless properties from small to larger assignment fees. In his spare time, he enjoys time with his grown children, family, and friends. He loves to travel, especially to Mexico and going to the beach. Rob is also a fan of the Buffalo Sabres and Buffalo Bills.

Robin Gestal

Robin started investing in real estate full time in 2009. Her company, Positive Properties initially began investing in her home state of Connecticut, but has expanded business to include commercial properties in other states as well. She joined Mastery in 2010 andloved every minute of it and began coaching in 2013. Robin has spoken at the Ignite Conference in Las Vegas, and was the winner of FortuneBuilders’s Largest Deal of the Year in 2014. Robin focuses on buying distressed real estate assets, rehabilitating them and selling them for a profit. She started by rehabbing single family homes and now buys distressed multi-family homes and apartment complexes as well.  She credits Mastery with teaching her the systems necessary to scale her business. She loves the creativity the job requires and the ability to have a positive impact in so many ways. Robin’s first career was on Wall Street where she worked in fixed-income and mortgage-backed securities sales and trading. She stepped away from work for a while to raise her family and during that time raised significant funding for non-profits she cared about. Robin started her real estate business (pursuing a lifelong passion) when her youngest child left the nest in the fall of 2009. Robin also volunteers about 20 hours per week as an EMT. She and her husband have 6 kids and 2 dogs. They love to travel, boat, hike and play with their family and friends and are very involved in their church.

Robynne Alexander

Robynne's primary home is in San Diego, CA where she spends about 60% of her time and the other 40% is spent in New England where she grew up. She does real estate investing in both markets. She has been a Business Coach and Inner Circle Advisor since April of 2015. She is also the Commercial Program Manager for FortuneBuilders. Robynne is a licensed California Real Estate Broker. In addition to her real estate investing company, Robynne owns a property management business in San Diego and still helps retail clients in buying and selling their properties. She co-owned a Keller-Williams franchise in San Diego for four years. Robynne actively invests and follows the FortuneBuilders models and systems. She loves commercial real estate in particular, however she says "no deal is too big or too small; if it pencils, I'm in!" Robynne is CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Manager) educated. She is also a Certified Negotiation Expert and has several designations through Toastmasters International. Robynne did her first rehab project in 1992 on a part-time basis and has been doing real estate full time since 2002. Prior to getting into real estate professionally, Robynne was in the electrical engineering field for a little over 20 years - the last eight years were as an International Product Marketing Manager in the EDA (Electronic Design Automation) sector. When not doing real estate activities, she enjoys reading, music, red wine and hiking. She even summited Mount Kilimanjaro in 2006!

Ryan Scialabba

Ryan has been a real estate investor since 2013. Since becoming an investor, he has successfully completed numerous transactions which include realtor sales, completed wholesale deals, completed and sold rehabs, new construction, single/multi-family buy and holds, light commercial buy and holds, and lending private hard money. Ryan is always looking to expand student’s minds and their businesses. He loves giving back to the FortuneBuilders’ community and looks forward to doing so for years to come.

Ryan Wessels

Ryan has been an active real estate investor since 2006 and has done over 300 real estate transactions that include short sales, REO’s, rehabs, wholesales, buy and holds and private money lending. Ryan has been a licensed real estate agent since 2003. Ryan has been a coach for FortuneBuilders since 2014. Prior to real estate investing, Ryan graduated from college, and made the leap from college straight to Real Estate. He previously did own a small but successful wrought iron painting company. He also loves sports and was able to coach high school baseball as an assistant for 5 years while working in Real Estate. Currently he is a board member for the a Special Business District.

Sam Craven

Sam has been investing since 2012 when he and his father started Senna House Buyers in Houston TX. Since then, the two have done numerous deals. Using the systems that FortuneBuilders has worked hard on, they have been fortunate enough to continue to grow their business, their team, and their pool of private money. Sam has an engineering degree from Texas A&M, class of 2010. Through school, Sam worked as a mechanic and Engineer for professional race teams and originally thought that was what he wanted to spend the rest of his life doing. After realizing he couldn’t make enough to support his family and race on the weekend, he changed my course to sales. Out of school, Sam went into sales where he ended up managing several state territories for a large manufacturing company. Sam first got interested in real estate when he and his wife got lucky on their first home purchase which was a foreclosure. After understanding that buying a house increased his net worth quite a bit, Sam was hooked. In Jan of 2012, Sam was working full time in outside sales and discussing with his dad his intentions of starting a real estate investment company and in June of 2012 Sam and his father joined Mastery and started Senna House Buyers together. Together the two have grown the company considerably and experienced all the highs and lows that come along with that. When not working, Sam enjoys racing, overland expeditions with his wife, and working on his cars.

Sandy Rice

Sandy has been an active real estate investor since 2007 in Knoxville, TN and the surrounding counties. She started investing by wholesaling, lease options and Sandwich leasing.  Later after reorganizing and adding a builder/partner she branched into more complicated rehabs. Sandy attended her first FortuneBuilders Boot Camp in 2008. Then she joined the Mastery Inner Circle program with her business partner in 2010. She has been a Field Expert Coach since February, 2012. She has also been on the email support staff since November 2012. Since joining FortuneBuilders, Sandy and her company, BCD Properties, LLC, have bought and sold numerous rehab properties and completed many wholesale deals.  She builds her passive income through the passive income club and being an accredited investor with Grand Coast Capital. Sandy is currently working on expanding her business to new builds. She also has extensive experience as a private lender. Prior to joining FortuneBuilders and establishing the current business, Sandy spent 20 years as a corporate Human Resources Manager. She is a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) with an MBA in Human Resources which has been very useful in her business. She is originally from Connecticut but moved to Tennessee in 1990. She is a widow with two children. She also has certifications as a Health and Law of Attraction Coach.

Sayam Ibrahim

Sayam has been investing in real estate since 2009. It wasn’t until he became a member of FortuneBuilders in 2013 that he decided to take on real estate full time. Currently, he is actively investing in multiple markets including Northern New Jersey, Columbus, Ohio and South Florida. He is a licensed real estate agent in Florida where he currently resides. Sayam has completed numerous transactions including subject-to financing, wholesaling, fix and flip rehabbing both locally and remotely, buy and hold rentals and short sales. Prior to real estate investing, Sayam worked in the finance industry in the fields of investment banking and sub-prime auto financing. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University and graduated class of 2008.

Scot Stafford

Scot has been an active real estate investor since 1992 in the state of Washington. He was licensed as a general contractor and has built numerous custom homes between 1992-2007. Since joining FortuneBuilders in 2007, he has primarily focused on rehabbing. In 2010, Scot was asked to be one of the first mastery coaches and started speaking for FortuneBuilders in 2012 at the Full Immersion and Marketing Systems Immersion events. Coaching and speaking has become his number one passion in life and he loves to share his experiences with students. Since joining FortuneBuilders, Scot has bought and sold numerous properties and primarily focuses on rehabbing. Prior to joining FortuneBuilders Scot worked in the field of Architecture where he designed custom homes using CADD software. From there, he became general contractor and designed and built several homes between the years of 1992-2007. He has also held a real estate brokers license.

Sean Katona

Sean is the founder and managing partner of a commercial and residential development company. He started investing in 2009 and is currently redeveloping property across the western US. Sean owns numerous income properties and has spearheaded several deals ranging from value-add renovations to new construction. Sean is also a speaker, coach, and private money lender with over ten years of marketing and advertising experience from his time working in media sales at Microsoft and EA Sports. Sean graduated from business school with concentrations in Marketing, Sales, and Information Systems.

Shane Hunt

Shane has been investing in real estate since 2008. Shane saw his career really take-off after joining Mastery in January of 2013. In 2015, Shane joined the FortuneBuilders coaching staff as a Full Immersion Coach. Shane focuses on single family rehabs, REO’s, 4-unit commercial condo conversions, and wholesaling. Shane is also very active in the local REIA groups. Before getting into real estate full-time, Shane completed four years of electrical apprenticeship and is a certified journeyman and master electrician, certified to work on electric up to 15,000 volts. In his previous career, Shane traveled all over the mid-west managing large electrical construction contracts. Shane actively volunteers with his local church and has previously volunteered at a children’s hospital on the weekends. Shane is excited to continue his coaching where he strives to help others in every way possible!

Shawn Tiberio

Shawn is a general contractor with over eighteen years of experience in the construction industry. Specializes in renovating super distressed properties. Has built homes and condos from the ground up. He is also a Inner Circle Advisor. He owns and operates a real estate investing company, a construction company,and a property management business. Shawn and his girlfriend Erin have built a nice portfolio of passive income with larger mutli family building as well as commercial properties. Shawn also has a strong focus on personal growth, with a goal to achive profesional status as a Ironman Triathlete. With 10 years of serivce in the Marine Corps, running multiple companys and training at a high level for his races, he can help you fully understand the importance of time managment, time blocking, setting and achieving goals.

Sonya Stauffer

Sonya has been a Realtor since 1995 and started investing/rehabbing in 2002 while in real estate building a portfolio of passive income using her own money and private money. She has been an Inner Circle Coach and Mastery Start-up Specialist Coach since 2015. She is also a graduate of the FortuneBuilders Mastery program. Sonya runs a full-time business as a Realtor while rehabbing and wholesaling homes as she continues to to build passive income. Prior to getting into real estate, she was a Deputy Recorder, COO in Banking, Economic Development Director, Business Improvement District Executive Director, owner of miscellaneous small businesses, and a Realtor. She loves to snow ski, camp, fish, hike, bike, ride horses, ride motorcycles, skeet, trap and antique.

Speros Vouriotis

Speros has been an active real estate investor since 1997 in Colorado and Massachusetts. He started investing by building his rental property portfolio before finding FortuneBuilders in 2010. He and his wife, Kimberly are graduate Mastery students. Speros has been a Field Expert Coach since March 2012 and a Full Immersion speaker since 2016. Since joining FortuneBuilders, Speros’ team has bought and sold numerous wholesale and rehab properties in Colorado, Massachusetts and Florida, while building passive income with the addition of private money lending. Speros & his team are currently looking to expand his rehab into ground up construction and multi-unit developments. Prior to joining FortuneBuilders and establishing the family owned business, he had spent the last 21 years as an active real estate broker of his own brokerage in both Colorado and Massachusetts. Speros is also one of our national trainers speaking to our new students at both the Immersion Weekend events and REO/SS boot-camps.

Stacy Rossetti

Located in Atlanta, GA. Stacy has been in the industry since 2012 rehabbing homes. She joined the FortuneBuilders Mastery Coaching program back in September 2012 and became a Field Expert Coach back at the beginning of 2016. Her focus is geared around rehabs and systematizing them, building credibility to find private lenders and acquire houses, and also scaling up. For many years Stacy traveled the world working in the wind industry, selling wind turbines and building wind farms. Stacy and her husband own several companies including a home inspection company and the South Atlanta REIA, as well as rental properties. She loves to RV around the US with her husband, daughter and 3 dogs.

Steve Skains

Steve has been investing in the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas real estate market since 2007. He started his real estate investing career with a buy, rehab, and rent for cash flow business model all while maintaining a full time career as an IT professional. In 2011 Steve joined the Mastery program as an Inner Circle student and exploded his real estate business. After leaving his IT career in 2012 to focus on his real estate business Steve began coaching for FortuneBuilders as a way to give back to the Mastery community. Since 2012, Steve has been part of the elite Full Immersion Team of trainers and speakers traveling the country welcoming, teaching, and coaching new Mastery students as they start their journey in the Mastery community. Steve has a Bachelor of Science degree in Interactive Media Design, has been a licensed Realtor since 2011, is a musician, and certified firearms instructor. A serial entrepreneur since he was a kid, Steve started his very first business flipping skateboards at 12 years old and has owned and operated a variety of businesses ever since. Currently, in addition to buy and hold investing, rehabbing, wholesaling, and hard money lending Steve also owns a highly successful Internet business.

Suzanne Lederer

Suzanne has been a coach for over 18 years, specializing in life, leadership and real estate coaching in San Diego, CA. She has been a business coach for FortuneBuilders for over 3 years. Since joining FortuneBuilders, she has created a focus on the CT Homes Systems and Tools with the addition of private money lending. Suzanne is currently concentrating on expanding her portfolio in passive income properties. Prior to FortuneBuilders, Suzanne had many opportunities as a public speaker and started two successful businesses. She holds a bachelor’s degree in physical education and a master’s degree in leadership and theology. Her passion is to serve people and help them see their potential and overcome obstacles. In her spare time, she enjoys the outdoors, hiking, cycling and spending time with friends. She values continued growth through having her own personal coach and being a learner.

Tammy Merk

Tammy has been an active real estate investor since 2009. She started investing by initially lending money to other rehabbers, before finding FortuneBuilders in 2014. Since 2015 she is a graduate Mastery student, has been a Field Expert Coach, a Licensed Real Estate Agent, a guest speaker at Ignite and a webinar presenter.  Since joining FortuneBuilders, she has bought and sold numerous rehab and wholesale properties, gotten her real estate license, continued as a private money lender, started acquiring commercial assets, and is currently building out another active real estate income stream. Graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering prepared her for her former career as an engineer, project manager, and eventually consultant, assisting enterprise businesses align their portfolios with their strategies. Many previous skill sets, including her Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, have directly applied to her new endeavor into real estate. In her spare time she enjoys church, the gym, yoga, coaching, traveling, reading, and so much more.

Terry Thayer

Terry started investing in real estate in 2002 in Raleigh, NC with a partner. They would buy small one story homes, tear the roof off to add a second story and make 4 bedrooms, 4 bathroom homes. Terry would do this near the local university and rent them to students for a good return or sell them to investors. From there, he moved into tearing down homes and building large luxury homes. Today, Terry concentrates on the areas closest to downtown Raleigh and Durham buying as many homes on a street as possible to build new and dramatically changed neighborhoods. He only rehabs properties that he plans to keep as rentals. Terry was accepted into Mastery in July 2013 and became a Field Expert coach in February of 2015. Terry spends his days managing and building his team to follow systems and be more efficient. His role in the company consists of marketing, sales, raising money and acquisitions. He works diligently with his virtual team as well as his marketing manager and real estate agents.  Terry grew up in the construction and residential building industry. He is a 3rd generation carpenter and a licensed General Contractor in North Carolina since 2003. He is a certified Green Home and Energy Start builder. Lastly, he is an award-winning builder in the Raleigh and Durham area. Terry has 3 children and is married to coach Kristi who is also his business partner. The two of them enjoy traveling with their family.

Tim Rosenthal

Tim presently lives and runs his real estate investment company and real estate brokerage, New Light Real Estate, in Buffalo, New York. Tim worked in the corporate world for 13 years with General Motors before leaving to start his own real estate company. He has also been a licensed real estate broker for the past 14 years. He has owned and managed multi-unit propery rentals and focuses on single family rehabs, wholesaling, mobile home investing and short sale deals. He has firsthand experience in raising private money through the use of self-directed IRAs. Tim is a FortuneBuilders Mastery graduate and has been coaching with FortuneBuilders since 2012. He is a college graduate from Medaille University. Prior to getting involved in real estate, Tim worked in the corporate world as a team lead at General Motors.

William Shield

William is a native Californian, a graduate of the Mastery program and an active investor in rental properties since 2009. He also has been a Mastery Coach since 2013. He has completed many rehab projects and is building passive income. As a mortgage broker, William ha several loan officers working for him. He also is a real estate broker and has several agents working under his license. Additionally, William also has a property management firm. He is a graduate of St. Mary’s College of California and holds a certificate in Real Estate from Diablo Valley College. William is also a tax preparer registered with the Internal Revenue Service and the State of California. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Some of his previous experiences includes having been the CFO of a real estate syndication firm, a Registered Principal with the NASD, manager of a vegetable farm in Saudi Arabia. In addition, William holds a life teaching credential and has taught math and science at the secondary level.

Yesenia Vazquez

Yesenia has been an active real estate investor since 2004 in Honolulu, HI & San Diego, CA. She started investing by building her rental property portfolio before finding FortuneBuilders in 2013. She is a graduate Mastery student and Inner Circle member. She has been a Field Expert Coach since November 2016. Since joining FortuneBuilders, Blue Coastal Homes, her team, has bought and sold numerous rehab properties. Yesenia and her team are currently focusing on expanding their portfolio with new construction builds and investing in duplex and triplex properties in the Midwest. Prior to joining FortuneBuilders and establishing her business, Yesenia proudly served 10-years active duty in the US Air Force. She then spent 10 years climbing the corporate ladder as a Solutions Architect & Consulting Manager for Hewlett Packard Software. She has a Masters in Organizational Leadership & Strategic Planning and a Bachelors in Information Technology. She is a believer of building businesses focused on your passions. Yesenia’s first passion is technology. She is proud owner of VARTek Solutions, an IT company that specializes in providing Acquisition/Program Management Support, Cyber Security Solutions, Information Technology Solutions, and Intelligence Support and Technical Training services to our military services. As a disabled veteran, Yesenia has always wanted to create her own non-profit for female veterans. She is currently establishing a non-profit, woman disabled veteran organization called He Wahine Lanakila, meaning, A Victorious Woman. Yesenia was born in Luquillo, Puerto Rico. She came to the United States at the age of 11 years old. She enjoys her Sunday beach days, reading, traveling, outdoor adventures and meeting at least one new person a day.