Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Advice For Selling Your Property Faster Than Ever

Written by Paul Esajian

Getting a property ready to sell is a long process. There are so many things that need to be done before you can even put a home up for sale – let alone during the selling process. It is very easy to overlook the little things, but it is the small details that really help sell a house. You can spend months getting your property ready, but unless you focus on the little things, it may be for naught. These items can range from seemingly minor exterior improvements to basic upgrades in the body of the house. Simply making upgrades or putting a shine in the interior is often not enough. If you want to sell your property quickly, you need to go the extra mile and do the little things that make all the difference.

Not nearly enough time is spent on the exterior of the property. The interior can be totally redone and of the highest quality, but if the gutters are full and hanging off, your buyer may never know. Most buyers will gain a snap impression of the property before they open the front door. This means you need to put yourself in their shoes and look at the property through their eyes. Upgrading cosmetic items like the gutters, blinds and windows are just a start. More major items like the front door, landscaping and condition of the grass will resonate with buyers long after they leave your property. First impressions are critical. If the curb appeal is poor, it will set a negative tone for the rest of the showing.

You need to look at the existing siding or paint. You may not need to replace it, but a good power washing can make it look like new. Sometimes all you need to do is touch up certain areas. For the cost of a power wash rental, you can increase the appeal by leaps and bounds. While the weather is poor in many parts of the country, you still need to focus on clean walkways and driveways. Not only is this necessary for the safety of any potential buyers, but they will associate this with the condition of your property.

You don’t need to break the bank with the improvements you make to the exterior. A new mailbox and post will cost you less than $100, but give your property a fresh, new feeling. The same is the case with exterior lighting, updated door handles or a fresh coat of paint on the hand railings. You can make stark improvements to minor exterior items for well less than $1000. Instead of blowing your entire budget on the interior you should save some for the outside and increase curb appeal.

The importance of curb appeal cannot be understated, but you still need to be able to attract attention once they open the door. Every showing should be treated like the one that will get your house sold. This means making sure the temperature and lighting are perfect, and the house smells clean. Little things like this can divert the attention from the updated kitchen or bathroom. If your house smells like you just cooked in it or it is freezing, buyers will want to spend as little time in it as possible. Any upgrades will not have the desired effect.

Once your property is ready to hit the market, all of the major upgrades will already be done. Ideally, you would have focused on the kitchen and bathroom. However, be sure to highlight your best work. Not every house will be perfect, but if you remolded the basement, let its qualities be known. If you took up the pool and now have a nice, flat yard, let this be your selling point. If you try to appeal to every type of buyer and portray your house as the best one on the block, buyers will see right through your game. This doesn’t mean you have to advertise any deficiencies, but rather highlight the best two or three rooms or areas of the house and make those your centerpiece.

As much as you want to get your property sold as quickly as possible, it is better to wait a few days or a few weeks until everything is perfect. The minute your home hits the market, it is being judged by every buyer and realtor that sees it. If it is less than perfect, realtors will talk. Soon enough, word will spread that your property may be less than desirable. By waiting to list it until everything is ready, you will generate interest that should lead to multiple parties making offers. This, in turn, may lead to a bidding war and maximize the value of the property. If you rush the property out and all of these little items are exposed, your interest will be minimal and you will need to think about reducing the price or spending more money to make improvements.

The goal of any seller is to maximize the value of their asset. Sometimes it is just the little things or how you do it that can make all the difference. Before you list your property, make sure you are comfortable with every aspect of it. Little things matter to buyers.