Are These America’s 10 Hottest Markets for Flipping Houses?

Where are the easiest places for flipping houses fast and for the most profit?

Could it be the markets which are attracting the most buyers?

Many real estate investing pros may be surprised by some of the cities which are most popular with buyers right now and which received the most searches on last month.

Detroit, Phoenix, Atlanta and Las Vegas all made the top ten, most searched list. This may be no surprise to anyone involved in real estate investing and who has witnessed the hype in the media about the discounts available on foreclosures in these cities.

Others which made the top ten in February which you may not have guesses include LA, Philadelphia, Dallas and Orlando. All once big powerhouses but recently neglected. However, all of which will likely become more popular among buyers and investors again once the economy finds its footing. Perhaps stable choices with great discounts on choice properties but maybe not the hottest.

However, the two real shockers on this list of potential real estate investing destinations are Tampa, Florida which shot up 2 places to number 5 over the previous month and Chicago which took first place. Chicago certainly may appear to have more international appeal but if the Windy City is too cold for you then there may be a lot of value to be found in the Sunshine State.

Of course there are opportunities for making great real estate investing deals all over the country from Connecticut to San Diego but investors can be wise to watch trends like these. However, most importantly it is smart to note how much effect the hype in the news has had in driving interest from all over the world into buying homes in some cities which most Americans wouldn’t think to touch or even want to visit. How can you create a buzz about your city and get it on the real estate investing map to attract global buyers?

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