Appointment Setting Tips for Flipping More Houses Next Year

This is the time for lining up business for the New Year to ensure you kick off your 2013 real estate investing mission with a bang. Those who get it wrong will be spending the next 12 months playing catch up. While those who get it right will enjoy snowballing success, flipping more houses and bringing in even bigger profits.

While the end of year holiday season does present many great and profitable opportunities for flipping houses many investor may find it a little more challenging time to close deals and new prospects. However, it is an incredible time for setting appointments to line up a large amount of deals as soon as the New Year breaks.

However, real estate investing pros shouldn’t just limit themselves to setting up appointments with motivated sellers and potential home buyers. Set up appointments with potential private mortgage lenders, distressed property sources and new strategic partners too.

Setting appointments is a very warm way to begin building new connections and relationships. In fact, in many ways it is far superior to attempts at hard selling and one time closes. Leading in with appointments builds more trust and credibility and even if business isn’t done immediately is more likely to lead to deals down the road and referrals.

So where should real estate investors look for opportunities to set up large numbers of appointments for kicking off 2013 right?

This is obviously the perfect season for connecting with new contacts at networking events and holiday parties. The holiday mood also potentially makes it an easier time to reach out to local industry pros and business owners too. While those looking to really scale their real estate investing businesses in 2013 can turn to social media networks, tap their databases of cold leads and even host truly valuable webinars without pushing to sell right away but build sizable lists to be converted later.