Are Business Cards Dead?

With all the new technology we have at our fingertips these days and ever improving smart-phones many people no longer see a need for business cards. However, at the same time those who are new to real estate investing are also begging to know what the best forms of low cost marketing are.

Business cards are not only low cost but there are many sources where you can even design your own cards for your real estate investing business and have them printed for free. There are many places where you can also leave your business cards as free forms of marketing. This includes coffee shops, restaurants, gas stations, mortgage companies, gyms and many more. In spite of the growth of social networking and instant online searches for everything you could ever want even from your mobile phone people are still pulled to picking up business cards and like something physical. Even if they do not call you right away it is something they can stick in their wallet or purse and call your real estate investing company when they are ready to buy or sell.

However, the most powerful use of business cards is simply for making new connections. Being successful at real estate investing relies on how many new contacts you can make each and every day. Even if you think you have several great sources for acquiring houses to flip and several investors who buy multiple properties from you every month nothing ever remains the same and you must keep making new connections in order to maintain consistent cash flow. The single most powerful thing you can do to launch your real estate investing career is to take out at least 10 business cards each day and not permit yourself to go home until you have given them all out. Introduce yourself and give them to everyone you meet including cab drivers, gas station attendants, security guards, bankers, real estate and industry industry pros, insurance agents, mechanics and everyone else you run into everyday.