Are Webinars Right For Your Real Estate Investing Business?

Webinars have become incredibly popular marketing tools in other industries, so are they right for your real estate investing business?

Using webinars to promote and market real estate investing companies has many powerful benefits.  For a start they can help you achieve an elite level of time management.  In a webinar you can reach out and deliver your message to dozens, hundreds and even thousands of prospects simultaneously.  Doing this by knocking on doors and face-to-face appointments would take hours and even weeks or months.  This means a higher return on your time and marketing budget as well as being able to increase the volume of flipping real estate you are doing quickly.

Even if you have or planned on hiring teams of sales people or marketers to help you reach large numbers of prospects for your real estate investing business, you can see that using webinars can slash your overhead and labor costs.  It could take an entire call center to do what you can with one person presenting a webinar.

Webinars also give your real estate investing firm additional credibility and a professional image while giving your business a face.  So many of your competitors are already marketing themselves online, a webinar helps you to stand out and make that personal connection.  Even if you don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera yourself you can always hire someone else to present it on an as needed basis or use slides.

How should you be using webinars and what information should you be sharing?  That really depends on the focus of your real estate investing business.  You could provide your own valuable brand of real estate education for educating distressed homeowners on their options for avoiding foreclosure, you could put on first time home buyers seminars or even provide tips to others interested in flipping houses or rehabbing in your area while promoting yourself as their source for wholesale properties.