Are You Providing Top-Notch Customer Service? (Quiz)

The number one thing that separates good real estate investing businesses from great ones is the quality of their customer service.

Top-notch customer service is essential in real estate because both investors and agents are nothing without their clients. If you work in the real estate industry, stop for a moment and think about exactly what you do. While generating leads and closing deals may seem like your top priorities, meeting a customer’s needs and making him or her feel significant is, in reality, a better description of your work.

If you are primarily a house flipper, you have more customers than you think, and therefore need to focus on improving your customer service if you want to be successful. You serve contractors, agents, lenders, and homeowners alike. Instead of viewing the term “customer” in the literal sense, consider your customer anyone you possess a working relationship with. Although you’ve probably never considered these individuals “customers” in the past, providing them top-notch customer service will help your business exponentially.

Is Top-Notch Customer Service A Priority In Your Business?

It is important to keep in mind that top-notch customer service is more than returning phone calls and emails and sending out a disposable piece of mail around the holidays. Although those actions are necessary, they are not enough to help build and maintain life-long customer relationships.

If you are unaware where you and your business lie on the customer service scale, answer these 10 questions to find out:

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