Are You Underestimating The ROI Of Your Real Estate Blog?

There is no question that marketing is an essential part of successful real estate investing today. You are told you need to have a blog as a key element of your online marketing but not always told exactly why, how it should be used for maximum effectiveness and what results should be expected. So are you underestimating the ROI of your real estate investing blog?

In order to really calculate your ROI from your blog posts you have to be aware of how you can get the most out of them and just how much they can do for your real estate investing business. Looking at the big picture blogging offers positioning, traffic generation and SEO benefits. All of these are ongoing. Once a post is up it will keep working for you forever, unless you take it down. Compare that to any other type of marketing you may be considering for your real estate investing company.

Then take into account the number of ways each of your blog posts can be shared and spun to attract more traffic and generate more real estate investing leads. This includes syndicating your blogs to you social media and social bookmarking profiles, spinning and submitting them to article directories and even using them to increase the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

No matter how you add it up and how much you pay to have a professional writer draft your blog posts it is clear that it is difficult to beat the returns blogging can provide for your real estate investing business. As mentioned above, compare the cost of creating high quality blog posts with sending out a direct mail piece, running a monthly print ad or even taking a shot at PPC advertising. Once you really do the math you won’t find a better ROI than continuing to work and grow your real estate investing blog.

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