How to Attract the Best Real Estate Staff for 2013

How can you attract the top talent to work for your real estate investing company in 2013?

With more competition swarming into the real estate market from all angles real estate investing companies who have the top talent will find they quickly rise to and stay on top while others struggle on.

So what is it that the best coders, copywriters, sales guns, designers and even admin staff want (besides a bigger paycheck) and how can investors deliver it to scoop up the all-star team they need to make 2013 a stellar year for real estate investing profits and growth?

4 Things the Best Hires Desire Most

1. Room to Grow

With very few exceptions everyone wants room to grow or at least a glimmer of hope that they can earn a bigger paycheck and get more fame than they have now. If they can’t find that with you, sooner or later they will find it somewhere else or split and start a competing service. That often means not only increased costs for real estate investing businesses to replace staff but losing leads and past customers too.

Recognize that you can’t leave this to chance either, you must provide a path, system and structure for them to move up within your organization.

2. Bigger Rewards in Return for Bigger Corporate Success

Some will be happy to trade years of their lives for steady paychecks and they may become great and reliable assets to your real estate investment firm. However, this doesn’t mean that they will be motivated to go above and beyond if all of the rewards only go to the top. If you want your team to truly be motivated to excel there must be some rewards linked to their role in improving overall success or at least key metrics.

3. To Matter

A much more potent, driving and magnetic force than an attractive hourly wage is being a part of something and making a contribution that matters. It is a basic need and hunger everyone has.

How can you better enroll prospective team members as a part of your mission and grand vision and make them feel like they are a vital part of that?

4. Better Company Culture

Unfortunately companies like Facebook and Google have ruined it for everyone. Now prospective employees expect more and judge potential employers by their company culture and workplace set up.

How does your management style, perks, group activities, flexibility in work schedule and office design stack up?

Lastly two critical factors real estate investing pros need to pay attention to is that virtualization and mobilization means the need to not just hire the best in your city but in the country or world and not to wait until next year to start recruiting or the best will already be tied up.

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Real Estate Investing Strategies
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