Is Your Bio Killing Your Real Estate Investing Business?

A bio or about section is a staple of both on and offline marketing branding materials for real estate investors and is becoming even more important as the popularity of personal branding grows but is yours killing your conversion rates?

Ever come across a bio after meeting with someone and realized how much more of an expert than them you really are? Or ever seen one that really had that wow factor and “they must be really good at what they do” impact?

What does your bio really say about your real estate investing expertise and do to make people want to do business with you or turn them off?

Maybe you need a 2nd opinion?

You can do everything else right with your marketing and branding and come off as a real estate investing ‘guru’ to be respected and listened to in person or over the phone but if your bio lets you down you are sabotaging your revenues and income.

The biggest problem is often from investors bragging about their experience when it is really very thin and nothing to brag about at all. If it isn’t significant, leave it out. Otherwise it’s like saying “yay, we were ranked 499th out of the top 500”.

Profile pictures can be important too. If they don’t ooze the impression you want to give off then leave them out. Just don’t borrow someone else’.

Your bio and perceived expertise level in the field of real estate investing is also judged not just by what you purposely put up on your real estate blog or website but what else comes up in social and web searches for you. If you claim you are the local real estate investment expert with a ton of experience but potential prospects or private lenders see you were busy promoting a failed MLM last month it doesn’t really jive or give them much confidence. Purge as much out of date info from the net as possible.

Be careful not to over exaggerate too much either, especially if you are planning an IPO one day. Look at the recent ousting of Yahoo’s CEO for fabricating his resume. Perhaps hiring a professional writer to spin the best possible highlights is a smart option. Plus make sure you put some strategy into it and update it regularly.

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Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies

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By Paul Esajian
Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies