Blaze Through Your To Do List Today

Whether you are just starting out in real estate investing or you are doing dozens of deals a month it is all to easy to find yourself buried under sticky notes and your to do list getting longer and longer instead of breezing through on your way to your ultimate goals.

In order to keep up momentum commit to tackling the toughest or least favorite items on your to do list first each day. Once you do you will find the rest of your day flows smooth and you won’t be kicking yourself for having put it off for yet another day.

Limit your daily to do list to no more than 3-5 high priority items. This makes it more manageable, easier to focus on and the positive feeling you get from clearing your list everyday will help you pick up momentum and propel your real estate investing business towards your goals even faster.

OK, you probably have a lot more than 3-5 things to do a day, even if you are only flipping a couple of houses a month. However you must force yourself to delegate everything else. It will be difficult at first, but once you get into the swing of it, it will get easier and both your real estate investing volume and your personal life will improve by leaps and bounds.

If you don’t already have a staff to delegate to then start outsourcing by finding a virtual personal assistant or two. Before you know it you will find that there is very little you really need to do yourself, except making the most crucial financial decisions and focusing on growing your real estate investing business. Providing you create efficient systems you will find that your fears about delegating are unfounded and you can enjoy more freedom and realize more profits from flipping homes than you even dreamed of.

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