Breaking Barriers Between Investors and Realtors

Can investors and Realtors get along? Why do some real estate agents seem so impossible to work with and is there a way for them to benefit from each other?

Investors and Realtors have been at odds for decades. While they may both be in the same industry, perform identical functions and seem like they should be best allies, why is it so difficult for the two sides to work together?

Both parties often find that they are directly competing for the same clients and dollars, which definitely adds tension. There is no question that both can offer invaluable services to each other, resulting in partnerships that work together for higher paychecks.

Realtors need to sell their listings and they constantly need more listings. Real estate investing pros need inventory to buy and could often use a helping hand selling their properties. So shouldn’t it be a natural fit?

If real estate investors can find hungry, motivated and amicable Realtors that really want to do deals, partnerships can be struck that benefit both sides.  Doing so can create a new generation of real estate pros. As an investor, if you can take a decent volume of homes off of a Realtor’s hands every month and use them to pull in buyers, you should be able to negotiate some pretty handsome discounts on their commissions.

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