Buyer Or Seller Leads, Whats More Important?

Investing in a great real estate education course will teach you how to generate and cultivate both buyer and seller leads but which is more important?

Of course your first reaction is probably that you need both in order to actually put money in your pocket from real estate investing. While this is true, many of those who are new to real estate investing and who are working on a limited budget can’t always afford to go all out for both at the same time. Honing most of your marketing and lead generation efforts on one side will build your experience quickly and increase your advertising effectiveness compared with spreading yourself too thin.

So which should you be focusing on if you are new to real estate investing? Traditionally agents and brokers have always been told in their real estate education courses that if they simply focus on getting sellers that the money will come. This is because if they own the inventory buyers must seek them out and come to them if they want to buy. This strategy certainly seems to make sense. However, for real estate investing and working in the current market conditions you may want to look at things a little differently.

For a start, there is plenty of inventory out there right now between the MLS, REOs, foreclosure auctions and short sales. It may be shrinking in some areas but we still have more than enough. This means that if you have buyers you certainly shouldn’t have a hard time matching them to a property and putting together a profitable real estate investing deal.

Real estate investing companies should also be striving to keep down their overhead. This means you don’t want to be holding too many properties that mean monthly holding costs. If you have buyers you can flip them houses using transaction funding without every having to worry about holding costs.