Nick Bachofskya

Nick Bachofskya Video Case Study

North Huntington, PA

In this case study known as the “three Amigos,” we walked through three local wholesale deals which was a great advantage in moving them quickly. The first house was located in Duquesne, PA where I found it listed on Craigslist. The owner wanted to sell it fast so I jumped on this opportunity. I used marketing flyers and email blasts to move this location in 6 days for a profit of $4,500. The next deal was located in Pittsburgh, PA. This property was on the market for two years and the owner didn’t want anything to do with it. I used my negotiating skills to grab it for a great price, and immediately turned around and sold it in 12 days using bandit signs for a great profit of $7,000. The last deal was located in Clairton, PA. I was “Driving for Dollars” when I came across this great little buy. The seller needed the money fast, so I negotiated a deal and immediately turned around and sold this to one of my VIP buyers by sending them pictures of this location. I miraculously sold this location in 2 hours for a profit of $6,000!