How to Cash in on the Next Big Real Estate Trend

Are you ready to cash in on the next big real estate investing trend?

What is the biggest new trend in real estate and one of the most popular housing types, which also offers real estate investors a way to side step the competition and find bigger profit margins?

According to Fox News the “next big thing in real estate” is multigenerational housing and while this is a trend which has been emerging over the last couple of years it still has major potential.

Recent data shows over 70 million American households with two or more generations, many of which now house more than 3 generations. Still, we are only at about half the level of multigenerational households seen after the last great depression, leaving plenty of room for this trend to continue.

This is resulting from so many losing their homes and being unable to qualify for new mortgages, as a result of older generations losing their nest eggs and Americans learning to be more cautious with their spending and overhead. Plus younger generations are still unable to find work, despite taking on record levels of student debt. In fact, as much as 25% of generation X and Y are unemployed. You can count this in any way you like and discount those not applying for unemployment benefits but that doesn’t mean we are anywhere near as low as 8% as some may structure the figures.

So how can real estate investing pros step up to serve those combining households and make a decent living from it at the same time?

For a start real estate investors can help those trying to sell their homes and move in with family to exit their properties quickly. Many are underwater; others aren’t and may have equity but just need to sell fast.

On the flip side investors can step up to provide multigenerational home solutions by flipping larger older homes, multifamily properties or even adding lots of value to properties by adding separate living quarters in the back yard.

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