Cathy’s Bootcamp Review

Video Transcription

I had a great time. They really did a great job delivering the material; made it fun. You know, you feel a little bit out of your comfort zone, but you can see that they’re telling you that’s where they started so it was, um you really felt comfortable really quickly. Right now is the time, and I don’t think there is a better group that you could probably learn this from, from what I am seeing so far. I look at it as being a really inexpensive education. You hear and know many people who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on education and, in my own personal experience I’ve seen people come back and take a job that really wasn’t something they went to school for. So I feel that this knowledge that you can gain from this is gonna be more practical and put to use and get you a lot further in your life. And it’s a small price to pay and I’m looking forward to getting that money back in probably my first deal. And the sooner the I do that, the better.