Channel Partners: Exploding Your Real Estate Investing Business

Have you been searching for a way to explode your real estate investing business? A way that doesn’t require you to work 24 hours a day or demand tons of resources? Channel partners may just be the answer!

Channel partners, also referred to as affiliates could just be what you have looking for in order to spread the word about your real estate investing enterprise without needing a ton of capital for marketing. Affiliate partners are like having dozens of branches of your real estate investing companies out there marketing and promoting your services for you. Who would want to be your affiliate and why?

If you are good at sourcing HUD homes, real estate short sales and foreclosures you will find plenty of real estate agents and others involved in real estate investing that will be more than happy to help move your inventory for a commission. This not only applies to US based agents but international real estate agents as well. In the reverse if you find it easier to farm masses of potential buyers you will also find others that are flipping real estate contracts and have HUD homes and foreclosure listings that will be excited about working with you.

You can reach out to these potential channel partners by email, phone or through your social media. However before you begin make sure you have come up with a plan and a system for managing your real estate investing affiliates so that you can remain organized. You may not be the only one approaching these potential real estate investing partners so give some thought as to how you can differentiate yourself and the homes or buyers you are working with in order to stand out can catch their attention.