Corporate Housing & Real Estate Investing

Successful real estate investing is all about looking for opportunities and being creative. One niche way to profit from real estate investing is to get involved in corporate housing.

Perhaps one of the best things that have come out of the foreclosure crisis is the availability of cheap land, commercial properties and residential real estate, which makes it much easier for businesses to relocate and provide more attractive perks to staff. Now companies can offer a lot more home for their money to key employees they help compensate with housing and can attract better talent.

There are a number of ways that real estate investing companies can cash in on this. Firstly, you can buy up multifamily buildings or apartment complexes on the cheap and turn them into serviced and furnished corporate apartments which can easily rent for a lot more that to the average local Joe. The other way is to market to corporations and help them buy land for development or just new digs and discounted single family homes for executives and key staff.

Why market to businesses instead of chasing first time home buyers or other real estate investing pros? There are two great reasons. One, you can probably get a premium price for your real estate investing deals when selling to a company. Two, you can realize a much higher ROI on your marketing as one campaign to a business can get you in front or dozens or hundreds of individuals and families compared to going after them one by one.

Think about how you can package and market your real estate investing services as a benefit to corporations and become their preferred partner for referring their staff to for all of their real estate needs. With a little creativity this could easily rocket your real estate investing business further than you thought and get your phone ringing off the hook.