Cracking Into The Real Estate Investing Vault With QR Codes

QR codes are now popping up everywhere.  QR (Quick Response) codes are the little black and white squares you see on all types of objects today and they are excellent tools for real estate investing!

As the name suggests these marketing tools are a great way to generate immediate responses and get consumers engaged with your real estate investing brand.  By their very nature QR codes spike interest and make prospects want to find out what is lurking behind that quirky looking code.

QR codes can be used to direct the public to specific web pages, online videos and other content that will be targeted exactly for those who come through by scanning the codes on their smartphones.  This means streamlining your sales funnel and enabling them to find what they want and need to pull the trigger almost instantaneous.

QR codes can be placed on business cards, yard signs, magazine ads, newspaper ads, flyers, direct mail, bench signs on DVDs and almost anywhere else.  Set your real estate investing business apart with your unique use of QR codes, stand out from the crowd and make it easier for home buyers and sellers to contact and do business with you than the competition. This instantly puts you and your contact information in the hands of customers wherever they are helping you to stay one step ahead in your flipping houses venture.

Best of all you can create your own QR codes for free!  Though if you really want to be creative you can have customized QR codes designed for you that look more attractive.  Experiment with you QR codes and the content and web pages that they direct to, and continually hone them into a streamlined money making and lead generation machines for your real estate investing business.