Creative Positioning For Real Estate Investing Companies

It is no secret that a big part of your success in real estate investing and flipping houses is reliant on your marketing.  Really savvy investors know how to take this a big leap further than just trying to come up with the prettiest magazine add or catchiest slogan.  With a little creative positioning you can totally change the way the people view and feel about your real estate investing business.

This goes even beyond being the best source for the lowest priced wholesale deals or the real estate investing firm with the best looking turnkey rental properties.  One short sale pro recently launched a new website promoting himself as the go to resource for homeowners underwater on their mortgages and offering access to free assistance for loan mods and negotiating short sales.  He is now no longer seen as someone trying to make a commission off of them, even though he does, but is viewed as a valuable local expert who is the go to person for those who need advice and help on getting out of their homes.

Other investors are passing on their own brand of real estate education, bringing in bird dogs and creating new foot soldiers to do the hard work by positioning it as a solution for not having a job, a way to get out of debt by making extra money and a way to help reduce the national debt and return the economy to normal.  More powerful, one is offering their best bird dog the opportunity to work with them full time, to be determined by who performs the best with ‘The Apprentice’ style auditions.

Look outside the real estate investing industry too and pick up some ideas on how you can position your business as helping to solve current issues.  Perhaps it can help you attract free help, solve your own challenges and create a stronger bond with your blog and social media followers.

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