Crush It Crew FAQs

 Crush It Crew FAQs


Do I get to pick which bootcamp I would like to help out with?

We do try our best to put everyone in their top choice and take note of your preference. We may have you switch in and out of a bootcamp due to event needs. It is possible that you will be stationed at a booth outside of a bootcamp.


What should I wear?

We will provide you with official Crush It Crew t-shirts. We ask that you layer underneath so that the Crew shirt is visible at all times. You may wear shorts, pants, sneakers, etc. We recommend dressing for comfort!


What are the hours each day?

The days typically begin between 7-7:30am and the end time varies. These events can be long days, but as long as we’re having fun and energized the event will fly by.  


 Will I get to attend a bootcamp while being part of Crush It Crew?

As a team member of Crush It Crew, you will be treated as event staff rather than as an attendee. We try to keep you in the event room as much as possible, but you may miss class time due to event needs. 


Are my travel costs paid for?

You will be responsible for all travel costs that you may incur. We do provide lunch each day you are part of Crush It Crew.


Do we get to spend time with Than, Paul, & JD?

Yes! You can have lunch with Than, Paul, JD, and the rest of the FortuneBuilders team in the event staff lunch room. 


What will my responsibilities be?

You will wear many different hats as a Crush It Crew team member. Duties may include: event setup, registration, greeting, seating, mic running, etc! You will receive a detailed training packet onsite.


Will I get to have fun?

YES! We are an energetic group and thrilled to have you be part of the Bootcamp Summit team. You will get to network with your Mastery peers, FortuneBuilders staff, and other Crush It Crew members. You’re positioned as a leader, so take advantage of this time to grow, learn, and expand your connections.


If I am selected for Crew, is the training session mandatory?

It is mandatory to be at the scheduled training session. You will be learning important information that pertains to your role as a Crush It Crew team member.


I am currently registered for a bootcamp, now that I am Crush It Crew should I cancel my registration?

Yes,  since you will be at the bootcamp as Crush It Crew, please cancel your event registration so you can open up a seat for another student.


My partner would like to join Crush It Crew as well. Do you have room?

Yes, that is great news! Please have your partner fill out the Crush It Crew application at This helps us collect all the information we need for the event and send me your partner’s name so I can be sure to select them.