Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
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Glenda Schreiner

True Patriot Homes, LLC in Phoenix, AZ
Glenda Schreiner with Glenda and Daniel Schreiner

Dan and I have been real estate investors for many years although not as a business. It was not much of a stretch for us to show interest in the Passive Income Club as members of Fortune Builders which we became late this February in Phoenix. Terry Givens gave us a call and we talked about our investment goals and planned to meet at the Boot Camp we attended in Orange County, CA in early May. Before we met, Terry advised Dan and I to watch several FB courses and a Virtual Buying tour of FB's largest inventory provider of rental properties. Honestly, after completing the courses and the video recommended, I was ready to go! I have never experienced a business that is as put together as Memphis Invest. There is an incredible amount of research that goes into where they buy and why these properties are such good investments. At the OC Boot Camp, Dan and I did meet Terry and were further introduced to Memphis Invest. We were shown some properties that fit our budget and our investment goals. The return on these properties were all positive and prices were reasonable for the quality of the homes being offered. We bought 2 properties while we were there which just closed last week 6/12. We bought another one month later which should close by the first week of July. The Passive Income Club and Memphis Invest made it so easy for us. The income we will enjoy kicks the .3% interest from the bank or stock market growth portfolio right in the butt!Dan and I are lucky enough to have saved enough money over the years in our 401K that we were able to convert this to cash and pay for our new properties. A shout out to NCH for helping us set up our funds so we could accomplish this as well. I wish we had the option to b uy passive income properties like this as a younger couple. These type of properties pay for themselves if you stay the course and understand that there will be ups and downs over the years. Having a partner such as the Passive Income Club and Terry Givens as a coach in this process has truly been a plus for us.

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