Keyte Behunin Rehab Deal


Keyte Behunin Rehab Deal

Dellem Black LLC in Caldwell, ID

I originally partnered with the owner to share in the profits and reduce carrying costs. The homeowner was unable to keep their commitments and the partnership failed. I secured financing to payoff homeowner and move them using my realtor to locate another property.

Rehab Details

Property City: Caldwell
Property State: ID
Purchase Price: $90,000
Repair Costs $20,000
Holding Costs: $5,000
Sale Price: $140,000
Gross Profit: $12,000*

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Case Study

How did you find and structure the financing of this deal?

Homeowner called from an ad on Craigslist. Private money lender my team introduced me to.

Provide a summary of the repairs and improvements you made to the property.

Clean up, greened the grass, touch up paint outside, painted interior and cabinets, floor coverings throughout, rehabbed bathroom and kitchen, finished basement ceiling, closed off utility room, new light fixtures, new windows.

How did you find a buyer for the property if you sold it?

Listed with MLS by real estate agent.

What are some of the major lessons learned that you would like to share with other students that they can learn from?

The less I do the more successful I am. By rehabbing this property, I have learned to share my success with others, that together we can do more than I can by myself, and that none of us ever gets where we are going by ourselves.

Shout Outs & Testimonials

A seminar I attended gave me enough direction to organize a team who mentored and taught me.

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