Dear Santa: A Real Estate Investor’s Xmas List

Dear Santa,

As I am sure you know I have worked hard this year to create a profitable real estate investing business and have not only strived to help many individuals and families enjoy their own American Dream through homeownership but believe I have also done a lot to help the economy get back on track by recycling foreclosures. So assuming my place on your good list is firmly concreted following are a few ideas for presents that would really make my year.

1. One more really great investment property offering above market double digit returns so that I can not only finish this year right but inspire others to get into real estate investing so that they can enjoy all of the benefits too.

2. To be able to find a great deal on a vacation property in the snow so that I can get away with the family or friends and really get into and share the Christmas spirit. It doesn’t even have to come free, I am happy to rent it out except for 30 days of the year for personal use.

3. Just one more really sweet and quick flip that will close smoothly so that I can fund spreading Christmas cheer myself and put a smile on other people’s faces too.

4. A week off to go skiing, surfing or to learn scuba diving. This will really help me to recharge and ensure that I can start the New Year fresh and highly motivated so that I can help even more distressed homeowners and buyers throughout the next 12 months, thus ensuring I stay off of your naughty list for next year. Plus this is actually more of a present for my better half who has been really patient and has supported me this year.

Your Favorite Real Estate Investor

P.S. I know you must be tired of the milk and cookies so this year I decided to leave you out a copy of the great real estate investing course I got from Fortune Builders, then maybe you can find your own investment property in the sun.

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