Decoding Your Real Estate Job Ads

What are your real estate job ads really saying? Every real estate investor and investment business needs help at some point. More than ever, who is hired makes a huge impact on the failure, success and level of success an investor or investment company realizes. It is important to attract the top talent. This starts with the ads you place.

Not many newer real estate companies may be able to make $19 billion dollar ‘acqui-hires’ like Facebook, but the importance of hiring well shouldn’t be underestimated. Some of the biggest blunders today are being made in recruiting and job postings for remote or outsourced staff. This is primarily because outsourcing and using these types of hiring platforms is a new concept for most real estate investors and even many larger real estate companies.

A lot of this stems from investors not taking the time to consider or not understanding what their job postings are saying to the best talent. Here are some common real estate job ads features deciphered:

“Perfect, Flawless, Error Free”

Even bestselling authors and top business leaders make mistakes. Setting the bar too high might turn off the best talent. Error free work is important. However, it is also critical to recognize the different types of workers out there. Your technical, low paid data entry staff may be proud of their attention to detail and thrive on it. However, your higher paid, experts, sales people, phone reps and creative types are valuable for other reasons. Think about it.

“I already hired 3 people for this position”

Ranting that you already hired multiple people for this position and fired them may not instill much confidence in a good working relationship among great potential staff, or make it sound like you will be pleasant to work for. Avoid this at all costs.

You Have Bad Feedback

Whether it is a poor online reputation or negative feedback on a recruiting site, both having received and having left others bad or really anything less than stellar feedback is going to be a major roadblock. It may never be perfect, but having a reputation like this isn’t going to encourage the best talent to take a gamble on you.

Asking Free Samples

Testing new hires before putting too much on their schedules and relying on them is smart. However, asking for samples upfront can be tough. The best certainly won’t have time or will value their time too much to give out free work to everyone that asks. If you are happy to pay for tests, which may be the best move, is good, but be clear in your job postings that you will pay for trial periods/ training.

Low Budgets

Frugal real estate investors and businesses may not want to reveal how much they really have to work with, but advertising a budget which is on the low end will just attract low end workers. And you’ll almost invariably get what you pay for. At a minimum, the perception will be that you are not being realistic or caring enough about the business.

Misspellings in Job Postings

Even with a U.S. address, awful spelling mistakes in job postings may make it look like you are an offshore agency subcontracting out work. This leads to the assumption that you won’t pay much and can deter applicants.

Lack of Detail

Attracting the best applicants can sometimes mean attracting the most and then thinning it out. However, it also pays to have enough detail to draw in the best experts. So if you are hiring for real estate – say that and attract more applicants with related experience.

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Real Estate Investing Strategies
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Real Estate Investing Strategies
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