Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

7 Elements of Top Real Estate Companies

Written by Than Merrill

What is it that separates the top real estate companies and investors from everyone else? How can you replicate those factors which predicate greater success?

Real estate investors come from all walks of life, different backgrounds, and with different natural skill sets, but when you look at those that consistently rise to the top, there are at least seven specific factors they have in common. Consider the following when deciding who the top real estate companies are:

1. Education

Some top real estate companies have agents with Ivy League degrees leading the way. However, many employ agents that dropped out of high school to pursue a particular trade. Regardless of their background, recognize the importance of investing in their real estate education on a regular basis and constantly building on it.

2. Systems

They have systems. Simply put, it’s incredibly difficult to go big and stay on top without systems.

3. Innovation

Leading real estate investing pros and firms are constantly innovating. They know that if they don’t they won’t retain the lead and their market share for long.

4. Long Term Outlook

The most successful real estate investing professionals and brands have a long term outlook and game plan. Others crash and burn because they are only looking forward to next month, next year or a couple years from now. The top brands on the planet look ahead 10, 20 or 100 years.

5. Growth

Top real estate companies and business owners understand the need to constantly be growing. You are either headed up or down; you choose. Even as a small real estate investing firm, if you have growth you stand a good chance of being bought for big bucks.

6. Branding

Big profit margins on individual house deals is great, and so is cash flow, but those that want to last and stock up real wealth always have one eye on their branding and are always investing in it.

7. Maximum ROI

Having all the above planned out is great, but could mean little if your ROI is horrible. If you are not demanding the absolute best ROI on every dollar you spend you are giving an edge to the competition and allowing them to amass a larger war chest.