DIY SEO For Your Real Estate Investing Website

If you don’t feel like you have the budget to hire a professional SEO company and are doing your own website design for your real estate investing business there is no reason you cannot do some great search engine optimization of your own.

For those completely new to SEO perhaps the most important first step to your real estate investing website SEO is to learn the difference between ‘on page SEO’ and ‘off page SEO’.

On Page SEO Includes:

  • Behind the scenes tags & titles
  • Internal links between your own pages
  • The content on your pages

In contrast, off page SEO for your real estate investing website mainly consists of building incoming links to your website. This is often done by trading links, though also includes article marketing, press releases, and social bookmarking as well as guest blogging and forum posting.

However core to the success of all of your on and off page SEO for real estate investing companies is selecting the right keywords and learning to put hem to the best use. Your keywords are what is going to help the search engines serve up your site in their results and bring in the masses. Not sure, where to start? There are many paid keyword research tools out there on the web, but you can start by using the free Google Keyword Tool. This will help you discover plenty of keyword suggestions and decide on the best keywords for your real estate investing site based upon the combination of volume of traffic they bring in each month and how much competition there is for those keywords. Make sure that you look at what is called ‘long tail’ keywords which often offer the most commercial value and will help maximize your marketing ROI.

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