Does Your Real Estate Investing Business Need a Mobile App?

Are custom mobile apps the Must Have marketing tool for real estate investing companies this year?

Next to video marketing it is widely accepted that mobile marketing is one of the most important differentiators between winners and losers in business during the next 18 months. So does your real estate investing business need its own mobile app in order to compete and win?

There are many ways to improve your mobile marketing capacity and presence without having a mobile app. Optimizing your site for the mobile web, reserving the .mobi extension of your domain name, building on local search marketing and utilizing text and bulk SMS marketing can all enable you to compete in the new mobile world.

However, there is no question that mobile apps are taking over the real estate industry. Real estate investing pros must realize that they are not just another channel for reaching buyers, tenants, sellers, private lenders and other investors for sending repeat messages like social media or for keeping brands at the forefront of prospect’s minds. The best mobile apps are evolving into tools which are hard wired into the daily lives of users and are becoming inseparable from their everyday routines. It’s far better than magnetic marketing which draws people back or social recommendations through friend’s Facebook profiles. It is controlling the matrix that others live in.

How could this new breed of apps work for your real estate investing company? What about an app which showed rent to own tenants how much equity they were building up and helped them keep on track to take out a loan? What about an app which helped prospective first time home buyers improve their credit and manage their everyday spending and savings so that they could buy a home from you faster? Perhaps even a mobile app which calculated buyer’s equity and finances and alerted them to opportunities to invest with you by buying new properties you are flipping or as private mortgage lenders?

Unlike other forms of marketing prospects won’t be tapped into numerous mobile apps for every industry. They will lock themselves into one and grow with it. Will it be yours?

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