Dynamic Facebook Websites For Generating Real Estate Leads

by Chris Musial

There is a new trend emerging that you may want to take advantage of for generating more real estate investing leads – Facebook websites.

With so many new tool and apps you can now build out your Facebook fan page into a complete multi-page, multimedia website.  If you take note of what some of the top real estate companies are doing you will find complex Facebook presences that use multiple pages and incorporate videos, podcasts, news feeds and local community information for a comprehensive website solution.

Your real estate investing business may still be new to Facebook, but with a presence like this you will find it not only easy to blow away the competition and become a leading brand and source of local information but that plenty of leads and new contacts will be flowing in too.

This is a great way to differentiate your real estate investing business from anyone else and actually make people really want to like your page and listen to what you have to say in following updates.  With a good designer on your side you will also find this set up much easier to roll out and manage than trying to develop a huge old school website and get it to rank well on the search engines.

Those of you who are licensed Realtors will also find the new free Facebook app from iHouseweb, IDXPro enables you to easily incorporate an MLS search tool into your Facebook presence to add an even more dynamic presence.

It is no longer a matter of needing to be using social media and having your real estate investing business on Facebook, you now need to be actively working to stand out if you want to capture the valuable business and masses of leads that it holds.

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