Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Effective in Person Networking for Investors

Written by Than Merrill

Wouldn’t you like to close on more in-person meetings and flip more houses?

Are you tired of blowing in person networking opportunities or not getting enough results?

Simply getting out and introducing yourself and your real estate investing business to everyone who crosses your path can be one of the most profitable and effective forms of lead generation and generating referrals for real estate investing but so many get it all wrong.

Of course for many the biggest challenge is not scaring people off like a door to door salesperson and business cards cost money and shouldn’t just be thrown around if they are just going to be tossed in the trash.

Unfortunately by nature and definition an “elevator pitch” is all wrong.

People (at least random strangers) really don’t care about you or what you are selling, especially because you are selling it. However, most people out there today are selling something or at least spend a good part of their day worrying about their problems that they need an outside solution for.

This could be needing a new job before they explode and tell their bosses what they think of them, meeting the bills at the end of the month, finding somewhere to move to escape foreclosure or finding a way to get better returns or grow their nest egg to provide for their children. Get them talking about their jobs of concerns first.

How can you solve them?

Practice asking what they do first and discovering the challenges they face. Only then tell them what you do. That doesn’t mean “real estate investing” or “selling houses”. Get specific. Maybe you “help distressed homeowners fight back against the bank and find new affordable places to live” or “help high net worth investors to consistently realize double digit returns with no risk”.

Just as importantly as what you say and the connections you make is not leaving the next contact for chance. With everyone on social media today at least don’t walk away until you friend each other on Facebook.