Enjoy Massive Lead Generation without the Huge Expense

Need a way to boost your lead generation in a big way without having much of a budget?

There is a simple and extremely affordable way to regularly get in front of hundreds and thousands of hungry prospects who are serious about buying, selling or private lending for real estate investing pros.

What is it? Events, conventions and conferences. Wait, before you run off, thinking this will cost you too much, hear this out…

There are hundreds of real estate investing related events around the country every year and probably at least several per month within just a few miles of where you live. You don’t even have to host your own. Many of these are extremely inexpensive to attend. Surely, you can afford $20 to meet a couple hundred prospects? That is probably the best return on investment you could ever hope for.

Before those running events like this complain, remember we probably just dramatically boosted your attendance and ticket sales (for free), you’re welcome!

Think about it. Home shows, foreclosure conventions, real estate investing seminars, even the Bank of America homeowners’ assistance events. They are all packed with prime prospects that are serious. They have paid or at least taken time out of their valuable days to attend, so they are actively seeking help or opportunities like those you can provide. This is guerilla style marketing at its best.

Go armed with stacks of business cards but remember, capturing them in your online funnels and databases is a much better outcome. Consider adding QR codes to your cards and making them follow you on Twitter or like you on Facebook on the spot. Have fun with it.

If you want to be a little more high profile and establish your real estate investing brand consider contributing to goodie bags. This can also be a smart move for any contractors, private or hard money lenders, property managers and wholesalers who are reading this.

Want to do your own thing? How about a home buyer, foreclosure help or real estate investing webinar of your own? Use it to hit masses of prospects all within the same hour. Just make sure you aren’t adding any additional unnecessary and expensive steps.

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