Essential Elements For Kitting Out Your Investors Cave

You have heard of man caves and the Bat Cave so why shouldn’t investors have their own caves from where they can build their own real estate investing empires with maximum productivity?

Let’s face it, the freedom to work from home is awesome, yet for those with families it can also be challenging unless you have your own private space to conduct your real estate investing business from, uninterrupted.

So what are some of the essential elements you need in your real estate investing cave?

Besides a desk, a throne and as many screens as possible perhaps one of the biggest assets most can have is a large wall area devoted to being a giant white board. Plenty of room to hash out new ideas, make notes, add more essential to dos, do math on the fly and craft new systems and marketing strategies. Forget roping together all the white boards you can fit in one cart at Wal-Mart and try out Idea Paint which can turn your walls into giant white boards.

Of course don’t forget space for your goals and a vision board so that you can keep on track and stay headed in the right direction with your real estate investing business too. However, just as important as the serious stuff are those other elements which can help keep up your productivity and provide some much needed diversion. Perhaps you need a giant projection screen to play some virtual golf in between phone calls or a heavy bag for letting out your frustration and keeping in shape without having to leave to the gym?

With video conferencing now so popular, especially for real estate investing pros you should probably also devote a corner that will make a great back drop for meetings via your webcam. A professional one. If you are going to be negotiating real estate investing deals from your cave then a tank of piranhas, a shark or at least an angry looking boa constrictor can definitely give you the upper hand.