The New Facebook Playbook for Real Estate Investing

We will likely see a much bigger push towards advertising on Facebook after the IPO. Combined with Bing’s inclusion of Facebook results in its search results it is clear that it is no longer about being on Facebook or not for investors, it’s about being the best.

Most real estate investing companies still have their social strategies all wrong. This is good news for those reading this post that have a short window of opportunity to get ahead.

Microsoft and Facebook have both broken character in the last few days and have divulged inside insights on how real estate investing companies can see better results from their campaigns.

Some of the direct tips that can be put into practice starting today include using more original videos and photos as well as asking more questions to encourage engagement. After comparing the productivity of different brand’s campaigns recently Facebook has also confirmed something which we have been telling real estate investing pros for a while, that is more direct pitches and calls to action need to be incorporated. You may have read otherwise but the proof is in the metrics. You absolutely need to offer valuable info too but perhaps fewer posts about what you had for breakfast or which sports games you are going to and more about the real estate deals you have and how you can help.

With Facebook and all social now critical for good search engine rankings all profile pages and posts need to be optimized and the frequency definitely needs to be there, especially with the new timeline look.

Quality of pages is definitely important. Some real estate pros have even turned their Facebook pages into entire websites. If you aren’t getting out what you had hoped perhaps you aren’t putting enough in. Social isn’t free. Did you know GM has been spending $30 million just to maintain their Facebook pages and another $10 million in Facebook ads? Maybe you can’t compete on that level yet but if you are only spending $300 a month you get the picture.

Final Tip: Get all of your team member and contractors liking and interacting with your social pages too.