Finding True Success in Real Estate Investing

What is true success in real estate investing? Is it making $1 million, $10 million maybe or being the head of a huge real estate empire and having lots of people call you “boss”?

One of the biggest draws to real estate investing is the monetary benefits. There is certainly a lot of money to be made in real estate and it is great that so many can enjoy the enhanced lifestyle or enjoy more of what life has to offer thanks to an increased income.

However, $1 million really doesn’t amount to much when you get going in real estate investing and if you ask Warren Buffet or Bill Gates they are sure to tell you that there isn’t much more happiness to be found in having $40 billion compared to $20 billion, unless your whole existence revolves around dominating the top spot on the Forbes’ richest lists.

So besides hitting your personal life goals, perhaps true success in real estate investing is more about finding something you can really enjoy doing every day whether it is paying you $10,000 a month or $1 million a month. In other words; finding something which is rewarding, delivers peace of mind and just the right blend of freedom and the feeling of achieving something each and every day.

There is hard work to be done in real estate investing but it is all really relative to your perception. There are many daily rewards to be had in this industry besides the directly monetary from revitalizing communities to helping families, therapeutic labor and even the thrill of the deal. Those things last, even when you’ve spent your last dollar.

So be proud of the services you offer, do good business, give back and the money will come. The next dollar just will no longer be your only mission and it’s likely you’ll ever want to completely retire, even though you’ll be able to afford to.

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