Flipping Real Estate: Ready For Your Own Radio Show?

Ready to take flipping real estate to a new level? Want to attract and really engage masses of new leads for your real estate investing business as well as dramatically explode the visibility of your brand?

You can with a creative combination of using Twitter and Internet radio marketing tool BlogTalkRadio. Companies in other industries are already using this powerful combo to create hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers and truly engage prospects in conversations that lead to closed sales, referrals and loyalty. So why not separate yourself from other local real estate investing companies and get a new edge for flipping more real estate than you thought possible?

BlogTalkRadio offers the ability to launch your own live talk radio show over the Internet, and you can even get started for free! Use it to add to your branding, differentiate yourself from your competition as the real pro in the flipping real estate business in your area, connect with those who are more auditory and build a fanatical following.

You can also utilize Twitter to get the word out about your new talk radio show on local real estate and even have listeners Tweet in their questions to be answered by you or a presenter on air. Want to see how others are doing it? Check out the Mayo Clinic on Twitter.

What should you be talking about? Don’t use it to just blab about your success at flipping real estate the whole time. Though this can be away to attract newer investors whom you can flip yoru properties to. However you will no doubt find a huge portion of your local residents desperate for answers on how to sell their home, if they should sell or buy and wanting more information on how to find great deals on foreclosures as well as tips on buying a home. This will position you as an expert advisor and the only natural choice to turn to for recommendations making flipping real estate even easier than you imagined…

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