Founders Club Schedule

Day 1: Friday, January 27th – CT Homes Structure & Systems

We will begin promptly at 9:00 AM and dive into the structure, responsibilities and systems of the CT Homes, LLC team.

This will include acquisitions, sales, financing, renovations & more!

We will also be discussing financing and the benefits of local banks and lines of credit and how you can leverage that to grow your business. On Friday evening we will be hosting a happy hour networking session at our office for all attendees.

Day 2: Saturday, January 28th – Scaling Your Business Mastermind

Day 2 will be all about scaling your business. The Founders Club group will conduct a Mastermind where you’ll have the opportunity to learn and share with your fellow Founders Club members with the goal of scaling your business. Then later in the day the Equity Street Capital team will present an inside look at their team structure and business model.

On Saturday evening, the day will conclude with a private dinner for the group hosted at Than Merrill’s house, transportation will be provided directly from the office to Than’s house.

Day 3: Sunday, January 29th – Alternative Investments

Day 3 will focus on Alternative Investment opportunities. This is a topic we are very excited to share with the Founders Club members. We have invited some of the professionals we invest with to discuss investing in Equities, Life Insurance, Crypto and more. In these sessions, we’ll expand upon traditional real estate investing, show you some of our other investments, and introduce you to our connections.

Day 3 will end by 3:00 PM.

Lunch will be provided for the group Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

We look forward to seeing you at the event!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email us at