Free Real Estate Education: Sales Psychology 2.0

Could this be the missing link you need to close more real estate investing deals?

They say “men are from Mars, women are from Venus”, so why is it that 99% of real estate marketing is targeted to only one group or worse, turns both off?

If you want to close more real estate investing deals and convert more buyers, sellers and private mortgage lenders you cannot afford to overlook this.

Men and women really do essentially speak different languages, see things completely differently and are turned on and off by different things in a home or proposition. If you don’t get this you really aren’t targeting your real estate marketing and are alienating half of the decision makers out there.

So what do men and women want and what can real estate investors do to increase conversions?

Winning Real Estate Investing Marketing for Men

This isn’t about man caves, building workshops in the garage or even giving away flat screen TVs to watch the game on. Men have been proven to be more visual and some of the most effective marketing to guys can be images.

However, going even deeper men want and need respect. They need respect like they need water and air to breathe and like women need love. If there is no respect there is nothing else.

How can real estate investors use this? Can you give respect first and build them up in all of your conversations? Can you give them real estate opportunities which build up their perceived respect among their peers?

Winning Real Estate Marketing for Women

Women are notoriously for meticulous home shoppers and sellers. They aren’t fast to trust people and often instinctively act defensively to protect themselves and their families. Plus, they are normally the ones who will notice there is no washer and dryer and will point out all of the flaws.

However, when it comes to getting deeper into psychology women are all about love. They need love like men need oxygen and respect.

How can you build more love into your real estate investing deals and homes? Think about how your solutions can help them get more love. Maybe the office is just big enough for them to put in their own chaise lounge to spend more time with their other halves or a shorter commute means more quality time or proximity to movie theatres and nice restaurants increase the odds of them actually getting a date night with their husbands or partners?

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Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies