Building A Better Blog

No one that plans to be successful at real estate investing ought to be without a blog. However what many real estate education programs leave out is important information on the latest marketing techniques including how to get the most out of your blog.

You already know that you need a blog for your real estate investing business, you know that WordPress is the ideal blogging platform and that should be posting everyday if possible. Though this still leaves a lot of unanswered questions for most walking out of a real estate education course and hoping to make millions marketing their real estate investing companies online.

One of the most common questions by those who already have a real estate investing website or who have already started building one is if they really need to have an integrated blog, or whether just having a stand alone blog is enough. Having a high quality stand alone blog that has masses of content and is already well loved by the search engines and links to your website can help. However you will be missing out on many of the best benefits that blogging offers in terms of SEO. An integrated blog provides an easy way to regularly update your website with fresh, unique content which Google loves.

You may have already already learned about keywords and the best length and times to blog from a real estate education course or online research. You may have even found some great tips on this blog already for help you choose the right keywords and generate interesting topics and titles quickly. However you should also be mixing up your content in order to bring in the most traffic, help the word to spread and keep your readers coming back. You can think about your blog like a layered cake. You have the main core of the cake, the icing and the decorations on top. Just like this you will want to vary the content that you post. Genuinely valuable content is essential for keeping subscribers hooked and coming back to your real estate investing blog. However you will also want to include a few sales oriented posts that call for action and really generate cash for your real estate investing operations. Many successful bloggers have also found that sprinkling in a few fun and random posts work incredibly well for drawing in new readers from where you can convert them into subscribers.