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Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

GABBY WEINBERGER: CRUSHER of the Month – December 2016

Written by Paul Esajian

The “Crusher of the Month” is a peer-voted award given to team members who excel and inspire others to step out of their zone and perform at a higher level.

What Gabby’s peers say about how she embodies the CORE values:

“Gabby INSPIRES our entire team, she’s always available to help when ever she can and always with a smile. She LEADS our team in the right direction daily if she does not know what path to point us in she will find out and EDUCATE her self so going forward she is prepared to guides us in any manner. Gabby CRUSHES IT everyday all day long. She takes pride in her position and goes above and beyond to ensure all of our team is taken care of, having a great day, supported and valued. She spreads so much joy and is a breath of fresh air even when we are having a bad day Gabby makes sure it is short lived just by saying HI and smiling…. Thank you Gabby for being such a huge support system to all of us, we would truly be lost without you.”

“Gabby is Amazing. She always seeking to serve with a smile on her face. Not only does she get things done but she makes you feel warm and fuzzy while she does it. She always looking for ways to go above and beyond in any given situation. She blows my mind on a regular basis with her attention to detail and the way she can brighten a room.”

“She has done an AMAZING job in helping to train our new team members while also fulfilling her duties! She does a million things in one day but manages to help out everyone!”

“Girlfriend is the QUEEN of secret service. She knows how to deliver an experience, and crushes every task put in front of her. Rockstar :)”

Gabby would like you to know that…

I moved out of Orange County, NY to San Diego after graduating from SUNY Cortland. My sister and I moved here with our life savings in hopes to start a new, exciting, and warmer (hehe) life.

My bucket list items include spending time traveling the country & world. I also want to dedicate time to helping animals and children.

I CRUSH IT every day by conveying happiness even when I am having a rough day!

Ethics & Integrity * Inspire * Lead * Educate * Crush it