Google + For Real Estate Investing

by Chris Musial

Just when you got your Facebook profile up, you finally started sending out tweets and hired someone to keep your blog full of fresh new content along comes Google+. So should real estate investing companies be worrying about Google+ and scrambling to get their profiles up and networks built?

While there are a ton of social networks and social bookmarking sites out there that can often be more of a distraction than a profit center, Google+ is likely one of the few that you really can’t afford to ignore.

Despite being told again and again that you need to be using social media to market your real estate investing business there are no doubt many of you who just haven’t ‘gotten’ it and don’t see how to use it, why it’s valuable or why any one surfing Facebook would really want to stop looking for a date to buy a home from you on a Saturday night. Don’t worry if this does include you, you are not alone. However, Google+ is different.

Google+ is definitely more of a business platform. From first glances you could say it is something like a hybrid of Facebook and LinkedIn. In contrast to a slew of poor attempts by others to launch popular social networks Google is already hard wired into millions of professionals and business owners who use Google apps everyday. A large percentage of this crowd are excellent prospects for your real estate investing business and could be just the buyers you have been desperately searching for.

Google+ is likely to be around for a long time, will become more and more integrated with our daily lives and will quickly add millions of additional users in no time at all. Right now it certainly holds less competition than the Facebooks and Twitters out there so those who get on early will not only be able to make a bigger impression for less but can also get ahead and figure out the best ways to use it for real estate investing.

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