Google’s 3 New Gifts for Real Estate Investing

Are you positioned to get the most real estate investing leads from Google’s 3 new gifts for investors?

In addition to Google’s great range of productivity and collaboration apps, the move to Google Drive and the agile new Chrome browser, 3 recent changes offer great opportunities for cultivating more real estate leads…

1. Google + Local

As most probably know by now Google’s business listing service moved to Google+ Local for better integration with social. However, most haven’t bothered to set up and claim their business listing while other real estate investing related companies are already boasting receiving real leads from it. Note that claiming your listing is now a crucial part of improved SEO, better local SEO and being a trusted real estate website.

2. Custom G+ URLs

Google has just announced that it will be enabling Google plus users to have their own custom URLs versus the ugly long string of digits which is currently in place. This makes it easier to share, be found and attract more leads into your circles. Of course the initial roll out is only to high profile brands and celebrities but will soon be available to all real estate investing companies and solo investors too. Don’t underestimate this opportunity; this is high value internet real estate.

3. Emails Featured in Search Results

Google has also announced that it will begin featuring results from email within Google searches. This dramatically increases the value of email marketing for real estate investing; meaning if you can get into prospects’ inboxes you can rank at the top of Google. If you have been neglecting your email campaigns lately this is even more reason to get out there and redouble your efforts and to keep on building your email list.

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